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Does anyone know the artist and song title???

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Heard this on youtube and thought it would be a great reference song. The comments say the track is called "One Man Lion" and I searched several music databases but was unsuccessful. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

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Shazam doesn't know. I see there is another person looking for the same song on another forum.

I'm curious now.
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Shazzam and Soundhound wont find it. I am stuck!
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The uploader of the video seems to ignore the people asking him for the artist/title.
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Yeah. He successfully sent me on a wild goose chase.
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Some months ago I was wasting away precious hours that I could have been sleeping, looking at countless and mindless videos on youtube
when I ran into this cool tribal song, never mind the nutty clip, and the obscure message...I just thought the song would make a great demo for a sub woofer, and would like to know if someone knows where I can this tune.

Hope no one get offended

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I decided to go back to this video today. Noticed that the uploader finally responded with a correction to the song title 4 days ago.

He said it was called "One Man Lioun" (yes, with the U)

After a lot of hunting around, I found one place that listed the same as such, but in fact, on the containing album, it is listed in Chinese, which is why it is so hard to find. The track, in chinese is called "人靜姬神", which google translates as "People quiet - Ji God" - but that translation exists nowhere, so is probably incorrect.

It track #16 from an album called "Audiophile Test CD 2007", and can be purchased here among other places, probably.

It looks to be released by a company called "Forward Music" out of Hong Kong. I'm clueless on the actual performer and real name of the song, but I'm satisfied with having found this much.
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You are the man!!!

I really don't care what the name is either. I just wanted to know where I would be able to buy it.

You made my day!!! Many thanks
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Look at that DSD and, a compilation disc as well..Who knows what other gems are in that disc.

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Himekami Static

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