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Samsung PN42A450 - what are my options?

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I own a Samsung PN42A450 "3D-Ready" display that is able to produce 3D images when fed a specific resolution (1024x768) and of course only in checkerboard format. The last time I looked into it a PC was the only option, but now with the arrival of the VIP 3D converter line, I want to see if I can make this happen.

This will mainly be for the purpose of novelty, for my two little nephews that live with me. I'm ok with some ghosting and/or flicker; my expectations are quite low. As long as it "works", I'm fine with it. I only plan on viewing 3D blu-rays and some occasional 3D video dl'ed online.

I do own a 3D player (Oppo 93), though my PC lacks HDMI/DVI output so it's VGA only (I think that rules out 3D blu-ray coming from the PC).

If I go the PC route, which software is recommended?

If I go the VIP route (which is likely), are there any IR glasses you could recommend (as RF emitter/glasses take it too far out of my budget range)? Does the fact my display is a native 768p panel (and not 720p) cause any issues with the VIP (since my display is going to have to scale it to some degree). My display does have a "Just Scan" mode, but its not a true dot by dot mode.

Many thanks for any assistance provided.
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For IR emitter kit - your best option performance and value wise would be the
3Dtvcorp emitter kits.
There are 2 New kits that work best for our TV's.

Superclear Model U Glasses & with Gen2 emitter
This kit is universal, and the emitter is compatible with almost every type of IR glasses, so if you ever think you may get into 3D more and want to test different glasses for quality / hobby then this is your best option.

or the

Samsung 3rd Party Kit Model SA3 glasses and emitter
This kit is a Third party version of the original Samsung technology and will work with all Samsung/Mitsubishi IR Glasses and 3rd party glasses made by other company's for Samsung/Mitsubishi TV's (but not the new 2011 blue tooth versions).
Based on your post you want to keep it simple, so your best cheapest bet is the Samsung 3rd party kit Model SA3.
But if i were you, I'd get the Gen2 emitter/kit, it will work with pretty much any pair of IR glasses that you buy now, or in the future.
They have different combo packs , so get the one according to your needs.

I have the same TV but PN50A450 - I'm using a custom high power emitter made by the company and generic glasses, but I'm grabbing a few Model U's for upgrade. I use a PC/HTPC with ATI 6000 graphics and Power DVD/Arcsoft software so their is no hoops to jump through. Everything is in spec according to the TV's ability. no playback limitation etc.

I recently read a little about the VIP HDMI products , but don't know much about it ability's/limitation etc.

just remember we need a Source output of 1360x768 preferred, or 1280x768 or 1024x768 in order for the 3D modes to be enabled on these sets.

hope this will get you started.
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