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Anthem Video Processing Upgrade

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So I just picked up a new Anthem MRX-500 to Replace my aging Onkyo with Faraouja processing.

I'm far from a Videophile. I'm on the audio side. However the second I hooked this Anthem up I was completely unimpressed with the video processing. The only acceptable picture for me is if I put it in Through mode. With the processing on it seems to make everything blocky, especially blacks.

I'm throwing around the idea of keeping the Anthem, since I like everything else about it, and going with a video processor. Personaly I think it's a bit ridicilous that a $1600 receiver has such bad video processing but hey.

I know nothing about the video world though. Can I get something worth wild for under a grand? I really don't want to spend anymore than that.

Cheers guys.
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Make sure you cross-post this to the Audio/SSP forum under the "Anthem D2 tweaking guide" thread. There are some real subject matter experts there on the Anthem units, even if this is not your exact SSP.

You should *not* be seeing these artifacts (macroblocking?) - something is amiss.
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Make sure to post on the MRX thread too. there are many settigns and if not set correctly you will get bad results. That is the only bad thing about a higher end AVR so much control that it can take a while to set up correctly. I had similar issues with my AVM50v
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