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Thank you sooooo much. This calculator is the best way I found to avoid all the marketing bs and make, at least on brightness, an objective decision!!

[]s Humberto
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The Sony lumen numbers in there somehow reverted to the older one and I just now noticed (new hw30 is accurate though), so somehow I lost my new data on the Sony ones and need to redo those again. So some of the Sony data is still way off in VERSION 0.1.
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Is this related to the Adam Lambert calculator?
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This next version has everything including a kitchen sink.
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Looking good coderguy, also looks like you've added quite a few more pieces of data / metadata to maintain.
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It's almost like a HT PJ database in addition to a calculator. Looking great!

One thing you might want to consider is multiple screen dimensions and real-time conversion. I've always found that to be invaluable without have to break out Mr. Pythagorean every time.
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You mean screen dimensions for height and width of the screen?
Yes, I will probably add those to it.

It has real-time conversions, all the fL numbers are calculated instantaneous before you run the report - unlike Beta v01.

There is more data, but I built editors for managing the data.
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Thanks for all your efforts with this calculator coderguy. This will be a very useful tool for many of us. It's fun to play with too!
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I plan to have the offset shown separately just as a label of "inch offset" as you drag the throw slide.
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I have a 110" Da-Lite HP screen (2.4 version) and a Mitsubishi HC1600 mounted on a table behind my recliners. That means that my head is in the cone of returned light.

I have been considering a 1080 machine so I bought a light meter on Amazon and looked at your application. Every machine I have considered has more than 15 foot lamberts by your calculator - most much more. I understand that the movie theaters strive for 12 fl. So I decided that with my setup I don't need to bother with brightness differences. All prospective projectors will be bright enough.

Is that right?

Or is there some reason to expect that some people will prefer, say 50 fl? Is more light always better, and if not where does it stop?

I suspect that in a movie theater your eyes adjust to the 12 fl image. The iris in your eyes opens to adjust to the relatively dim picture. This means that the Home Theater brightness standard should be higher. What do you think?

I saw Avatar at the downtown Sony Metreon - presumably an excellent venue for 3D. I was very impressed but the picture was a little dim. I had seen Beowolf there a year before and it had been dimmer yet.

How do you test 3D? Hold a light meter so that it looks through the 3D glasses?
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Not sure how to test 3D, sounds like everything is bright enough in your setup...
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Very cool tool! Great work.

Just so you know, it does not work on the iPad which would be nice.

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Man, that is one cool looking calculator!
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Nice work. Already tried the previous version with the infocus sp8602
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I may even eventually convert it to a 3D plane with a room design application (furniture placement and all), but that is going to happen anytime soon before many later final releases.
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Originally Posted by coderguy View Post

I may even eventually convert it to a 3D plane with a room design application (furniture placement and all), but that is just one of my ideas for a much later version.

pretty cool stuff. thanks!
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The next version is still coming shortly hopefully, as I'm still tidying up a bit after adding one too many features:




Sorry to keep posting previews, just wait a LITTLE bit longer, had to catch up at my regular work as I spent too much time on this thing, almost there (take a look!)...

The first calculator to support all MFR's Vertical lens shift arrangements and to make it simple to use.

"Pixel Perfect" accuracy for the new screen markers in converting feet/inches to proportional room dimensions as you see it within the GRID. Hence, the new screen markers give you an EXACT representation of screen and projector placement.

3D Modes are automatically calculated based on user choice (see the smaller screenshot - 2nd screenshot below)
All Lumens calculations are now instantaneous and affected by ALL other modifiers (throw/zoom, gain, position, etc...), and lambert readings are now color coded in REAL-TIME to tell when a specific mode is too bright/dim by glancing.

EXTREME accuracy for placement distances and brightness calculations, often more accurate for placement than even the manufacturer's placement calculator. The actual FTL to lumens accuracy based on throw distance is unmatched by existing calculators which average plus or minus 50% error or more, versus my error margin of plus or minus 15% error or less. Mounting to inch calculations are generally plus or minus 5% error, or in some cases under 3% error.

PRECISE auto-boundary calculations. As ANY factor changes (screen size, distance from floor, projector placement, etc..), then all lens shift and mounting pole calculations occur automatically and the projector is AUTO-POSITIONED within the boundaries of the projector's placement ability. For instance, as you change the screen size with a projector that has NO LENS SHIFT, the mounting pole is automatically moved without you needing to manually do it. Hence, final calculations shown are within limitations of boundaries automatically.

Vertical lens shift is range based depending on screen position and size with a 100" screen basis. This makes it much easier to understand, for instance if you raised the ceiling too high even on an Epson 8700ub with 49" up/down v-shift from center lens, then the calculator automatically repositions the V-SHIFT range in correct proportions to the "pixel-accurate" to inch conversion factor of the room dimensions to SCALE automatically represented by the grid and ceiling distance.

2.35/2.40 with lens and no lens now supported in modifying brightness ratios

Arbitrary Screen Gains now supported (for instance 0.95 gain instead of 1.0 gain), simply enter any number into the screen gain box

All calculations are now cross-calculated, more than 1000 lines of math code to make this possible!

The screen is based on a 110" and is NOT scaled on resize, but the screen markers show the EXACT true scale regardless of the screen graphic;s size. Problem with scaling the screen graphic is a LACK of of room on the form to show such large screens to SCALE of the grid, so therefore might leave it the way it is. Haven't 100% decided yet.

To help eliminate confusion on the above issue, checkboxes have been added (see screenshot) to allow a user to hide the screen and just show the markers, or to just show the screen, or to show almost nothing (hide the grid, markers, v-shift, and even hide the screen itself from the view).
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Looks awesome!, looking forward to trying it out.
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Sorry, I added so many features it took me longer than I expected, but it's real close.
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Looks very good!
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Really, the best projector tools I have ever seen...
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Any progress?
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For maximum browser compatibility, it is suggested to use
the latest version of Firefox.

Due to a minor issue (which I'm working on), make sure you
CHOOSE A PROJECTOR before changing settings, even if entering a custom unlisted projector.

Internet Explorer or Firefox should work, but there is a very minor issue in IE 9 where you are
not able to drag the slider bar. The slider bar can still be moved by the edges or clicking
inside it however even for IE 9.

On a very rare occasion, some slider bars may stop working suddenly, just refresh the page if this occurs

IE 9 Issue as stated above to where you have to click within the sliders, instead of dragging the slider handle
(a screenshot will be added shortly to demonstrate this)

When first changing the V-SHIFT Max Down value on the form, it reverts to zero automatically (minor bug)

When the form first loads, there are some minor graphical flashes while things are being re-positioned.

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Anyone tried the new one yet?

Just released it and it took me hundreds of hours of work to build this thing, was wondering what people thought?
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Originally Posted by coderguy View Post

Anyone tried the new one yet?

Just released it and it took me hundreds of hours of work to build this thing, was wondering what people thought?

Wow congrats !

Thats the best calculator I ever use...
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Yeah its awesome man! Keep up the great work!
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Coder - great work, I'm sure everyone will agree this is incredibly helpful, so thanks.

One comment - it seems in Firefox (7.01) that the text and textboxes in the lower left (specifically in the throw ratio and offset part) seem to overlap/jumble with each other. Not a deal killer by any means, just thought I'd let you know in case it was something you wanted to fix. Or perhaps it just doesn't load properly on my screen, which is always a possibility.
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Thanks coderguy - like the improvements - clearly the 7800 is out as I can't mount it at -8" and I want to avoid using digital keystone adjustment.
Miss the batch mode output for multiple 5% increment points of bulb lifetime in this version though.
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The reporting mode will be re-enabled in Beta 0.25 or Beta 0.3. Sorry I had to disable it as I wanted to prevent confusion from the testing of the application. I can make the old version available again I guess at another link, will do it in a few days.

I should be able to do a minor release in 7-14 days to fix a few issues, including that the 2.35 offset is being calculated incorrectly (this was just something I didn't have time to fix, kind of a long story).

I should note that although the 2.35 offset is incorrectly calculated, the 16:9 offset is correct, and the brightness calculations for 2.35 are also accurate.

Browser version information is helpful and feel free to post any browser issues as I will note them down, although I won't be doing browser fixes for a while but I will get to your issue eventally. So I do need you guys's help me to notate any issues you see and your browser version. I am tracking this stuff and will address all browser issues at the very end of the beta.
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I have created this thread for you guys to report bugs in:

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