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Tips on purchasing a new shuffleboard table?

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Hey guys (and gals),

Have been planning for a while to get a shuffleboard table for my basement/game room but I can't really settle on one. Quality is a pretty big factor because I plan to have and use this table for a while, and I have had some bad experiences buying game furniture in the past.

One site I found has a pretty good selection: http://www.shuffleboard.net/tables.html

Trying to keep it under 1.6k, but could rationalize going a bit higher if the table was really worth it. Do any of you have experience with these tables?
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Why not just buy a used one from Craigslist? I have seen a bunch of really nice tables pop up there, and the prices are usually less than 50% when new.
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i sold mine on craigslist and i lost 50%. it was a mcclure table that I paid 4K for. Sold it for 1900 after only a year of limited use.

i really like mcclure though so I'd probably get another one, but the smaller variety around 2K. there's a lot of crap on craigslist (the $400-500 tables). lifetime polymer can't be matched.
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I'm sure you have already made your decision on a table long ago...but if others are like me, they found this post/forum via searching for Shuffleboard information online.

I highly recommend McClure Tables. I did a ton of research and looked at a wide variety of the "cheap" tables, and settled on going with some made in America quality. I've been very happy with my Competitor table (priced within reach of the cheap imports)

The piece itself is gorgeous, the service attentive and responsive, and the board is a great addition to my game room. Todd was kind enough to extend an AVS discount to me for which I am grateful. In-laws and friends look forward to coming over for special occasions to have some death matches in the game room.

I got a 16 foot table. It's PLENTY big for a challenging game. Thanks Todd and McClure Tables family.
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yeah, I am ready to buy anothe rmcclure table in a couple months. the lifetime polymer tables (even the smaller puck ones) are worth it.
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I got SO lucky and found mine on craigslist for $100 brand new table but it was missing all the legs and hardware. A local game room shop had it in the box but the box that had the legs and hardware was crushed beyond repair, I bought it in a heartbeat and made legs for about $40 worth of materials from HD. The prices of these tables are insane! I'm looking for a simple electronic scoring unit and those prices are even more insane for a stupid little counter.
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Not ready to buy one (or build one for that matter), but have been keeping an eye on craigslist. Seems there are a few out there, but they look like crap most of the time and are home made - which is fine, but their not up to my standards. I just keep watching and maybe someday when everything else I'm doing is done, I'll pull the trigger.

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