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sa 8300hd and esata comcast

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i have seen lots of posts on the Net about adding an external esata drive to an 8300hd, most were positive. one even said comcast upper management assured that this would work on a comcast blog and the internal drive only holds about 20 hrs of hd programming.

so i took an external esata 1.5 TB drive i had been using with my pc and tried it. i powered off the dvr and unplugged it. plugged in the drive and powered it up then booted the dvr. nothing obvious, no messages in boot about formating or initialization and the space free in "my dvr" did not change. tried a few more times no difference.

however, when i go into diagnostics it shows 2 drives - the internal 160 GB WD drive and the external seagate barracuda. so the esata port is working, why isn't the software using the drive? other than this the 8300hd has been great and my local arlington va comcast office can't assure me that a new rng 200 would have a larger internal drive and i have seen a lot of posts unhappy about the rng 200. i am using the new guide software pushed out a few months ago. any help would be welcome.

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Most folk have found a 1T drive will work. Apparently drives > 1T seem to have issues.

See http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...57#post5277957
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