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Our 620 is 1 week old, so far love it except notice one thing, a Color Shift, left to right.

Here is what I see, the right side of the screen tends towards green, the left side of the screen tends towards blue.

1. B+W or light Pictures / Backgrounds still or moving show this.
2. Whether OTA, Component 480i or 480p, or 1080i.
3. Not major yet its there.
4. We do not have the contrast screen installed.
5. Viewing the Avia horizontal stairstep pattern this effect is also visable.
6. When a full field dark gray or black image is shown, the center can be "black" yet the L/R edges and corners will be "lighter" and either more blue (on the left) or green (on the right).
7. My speakers are at least 1 1/2 feet away, which have never caused a problem before.
8. I have adjusted the image with both VE and AVIA.

Does anyone else notice this or can offer a fix?

Thanks, Tom