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Vegas Render Error

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Trying to render my new movie but keep getting an error once Vegas tries to created the image file. A red X pops up and it says "An error occurred creating the image." Under details it says, Status: Found two different objects associated with the same URI

What does this mean? And is there a way to fix it? First time this has happened. I have plenty of disc space.

I have a feeling it means I used the same video file on the timeline twice?
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It appears you may have something corrupted on your hard drive as the error indicates it is trying to access the same file identifier stored in two different locations. I've never seen this but you may want to do a hard drive cleanup using the appropriate tools for your OS.
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Nope, that wasn't it. I used a scene twice on the same timeline, the scene had the same name and Vegas seemed not to like that. Once I changed the scene or renamed it, it worked just fine!

But as always Don, thanks for your help!
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I used a scene twice on the same timeline

I do this all the time and has never caused that error. Why would Vegas not like it on your project and not care on mine? I think this goes deeper than you believe and got fixed with your method but not for reasons you believe. If it never happens again then who cares? but let's not think Vegas has this limitation because it doesn't.
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Don is correct (of course). I hate to admit it but I have accidentally included the same clips twice (or more) in a timeline and Vegas happily rendered the video, unfortunately.

Heaven forbid, though, software that decides what I should have on my timeline!
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That is weird, I know nothing is wrong with my PC or HD. I tried adding another same file with the same result error. Once I renamed it, bingo worked fine.
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I know nothing is wrong with my PC or HD.

Are you in denial?

Just teasing. Best to run some diagnostics. maybe you also need to do a fresh reinstall. Sorry, but that is how I usually fix stuff here when I can't put my finger on it.

Also, have you done a Google search on your error message? I just did and it appears many have had similar errors when something wasn't quite right and those reports were with other applications. One source indicated corrective action was achieved with reinstalling Net Framework. The bad news is your minor, fixable, problem now may be a preview of worse failures. Also you can contact Sony and they may offer you a resolution you can try.
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You can use the same scene on the time line as many times as you wish....1.... 10... 100 times. It should (and does) make no difference at all.
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Well, just to be safe I reformatted and did a fresh reinstall. So far no errors
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