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Jvc dr-mx1su vhs/dvr hdd

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I have the JVC unit stated above, and have a problem with the Remote Control. In that I'm having to press the buttons VERY hard, to get the actions required transmitted to the Unit.

Also, I have a R-Shack Phone Up 4 (15-1917) Universal Remote Control which I have tried their recommend Universal JVC Code 0053 in, which does not work with my Recorder.

Does anyone know an alternate Code for this Recorder ?

I would consider buying a new Remote IF I knew where to get one.
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Try this or this. The original equipment remote is the JVC RMSDR016U. Both sites I quoted say it is unavailable, but they each have a recommended substitute remote. A further search might turn up the actual remote.
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YES, I forgot to put the Remote Model number in my first post,
You got it right on !

I'll give those choices some consideration.

Thank you,
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If you're at all handy(or know someone that is) your problem description is generally easily fixable by taking the remote apart and cleaning the board that the buttons press against.
Generally their will be a screw or two on the back of the remote(sometimes inside the battery compartment). Remove the screws and try prying the remote apart. Do this with the buttons facing down so if the button membrane is made up of smaller buttons they will stay together, being held in place by the holes through the top 1/2 of the remote.
Most of the time the circuit board under the hard to push buttons will be covered by something sticky, clean this off with contact cleaner, tape head cleaner or iso alcohol. Use a q-tip or something similar. Let things dry, put it back together and your remote should work like new. Oh I always remove the batteries to be sure before taking things apart.

Some remotes are extremely hard to split or may have some type of plastic interlock, while prying the remote look all along the edge and see if you might need to insert a small screwdriver to release the interlock. If your remote is already bad you don't have much to lose by cleaning it first before ordering a new one.
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Thank you for your comprehensive and informative reply.

I'm now weighing my "bravery" against my sore thumbs, from having to press so hard on those buttons !

Your procedure is not beyond my ability, but, right now, I do have a working Remote, though it's difficult. I'm just thinking about what if something breaks or goes wrong in some way. I may just buy the "backup" alternate Remote which Luke offered at...
where I can have "something" working, just in case of a problem. I wold much rather the original was working/repaired, in that the alternate does have some shortcomings, from what I see in the pictures.

I wonder if you/Luke/other has had any experience with either of those alternate Remotes. Like one is better than the other ?
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I have bought remotes from both firms suggested by ChurchAVGuy.

Based on my experience, I'd advise going with the first vendor, Replacement Remote. They make some effort to have their "clones" look, feel and operate at least a little like the originals (in your case I think its very very close, right down to the button positions).

The clones from 1-800-Remotes are very ruggedly built and reliable, I own two, but unfortunately they are a far cry in form and function from the originals. All of their clone remotes use the same generic design, with all the most important buttons located under a sliding cover. These buttons are small, identical, arranged in tight rows, and have custom labels so tiny and blurred you need a magnifying glass to identify them. They are not clustered in any sort of logical order, either: you will have one heck of a learning curve to remember the new button positions. The company saved my skin by providing replacements for a couple of truly obscure remotes no one else could supply, and the product is solidly made- its just awful to use. Much better than nothing, of course, but if you can get a more ergonomic version from the other vendor I strongly recommend you go with them instead.
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Originally Posted by SWHouston View Post

I wonder if you/Luke/other has had any experience with either of those alternate Remotes. Like one is better than the other ?

Sorry, no. I have bought original remotes from both companies many times with good results, but I haven't used their substitutes. Again, CitiBear is the source for authoritative information. I merely did a quick search on two vendors I have used in the past.
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