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I have a handful of H20 receivers in our business and they work splendidly with a B Band converter in place, get all HD channels, etc. from our slimline dish. (I think its the 5 lnb slimline dish - installed in 2007 IIRC). Recently I purchased an H24 and was using it without issue with a b band converter. I noticed that AMC recently became an HD channel (254) but anytime i tried to tune into that channel I got 'searching for satellite in 1... 771'. However, on the H20 receivers, there is no issue. Also, I can switch back to espnhd or some other hd channels and there is no problem there.

Now, if i take off the b band converter, I can get AMCHD just fine, but no longer get other channels like espnhd. Put the b-b-c back on, espnhd comes back, amchd gone.

Called directv and they were no help. Having me reboot, disconnect cables, etc. all of which are obviously not the issue. Having a tech come out at 120 bucks is not too appealing either as I very much doubt its an alignment issue since other receivers work fine and this one works fine as long as i attach/remove the b-b-c depending on the channel I want.

Any thoughts what the problem could be?