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Progress has slowed the last 2 months, but have completed the Screen wall panels and 2 of the wall panels. The wall panels have 1" OC703 up to 48". Need to touch up the drop ceiling rails with black paint as you can see in the 2nd photo. I have about 10 more panels to build for the walls, a few with complications like light switch/power outlets, so not looking forward to those.

The biggest news is that my wonderful wife bought me a Denon 3313CI receiver for our anniversary! This is really cool because 1) old Onkyo was dying a slow death with the HDMI issue; 2) the Denon supports 2 zone HDMI switching, meaning the LCD in the family room can watch a different input from the theater; and 3) the Denon has Audyssey MultiEQ XT, which should give me alot better room correction.

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I used butt joints with Liquid Nails and biscuits on the screen wall panels, and while they worked nicely, I found that it took an exceedingly long time and required lots of clamping to ensure a tight fit as the glue dried. This also meant that I had to wait hours before I could move on to the next panel. For the walls, I switched to 3.5 inch screws, using 2 at each butt joint with Liquid Nails. This worked just as well as the biscuits without all the clamping and glue drying time. I found it took me about half as long using this method not counting the dry time. A tool that I randomly found that was awesome in building this was the Irwin Corner clamp - I bought one but it would be worth it to buy 4 to hold the whole thing together (pic below).

The cross support was placed at 48" above the bottom rail to fit the OC703 1". You can see that in the first pic (it is FRK backed, only kind I could find around here).

I'm using friction and a little velco to hold them on the walls. I had considered other methods of hanging the fabric that may have been quicker, but with 2 small kids I have to consider the eventual certainty of a little hand going right through one of the panels and needing replacement. This method will make that situation easier to deal with rather than re-doing a whole wall.

Here's some pics:

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Seen your reply on the other thread. Just read your whole thread too. Room is looking good and with the crappy weather and no more college football, you should have it wrapped up in no time. If you need any help, I'd be sure happy to come over and supervise smile.gif

What part of round town do you live?
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I live off of Clark Dr, what about you? I am definitely getting a lot done since College football is over, but my 2 little guys still get most of my energy. My original goal of finishing by last year's bowl game was missed by a year+!
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Great progress yesterday making panels. I ran out of OC703 so will have to take about half of them back down once I can buy some more. I also need to do some stretching on a few; will do that when they come back down. I still have 1 panel left to build, and that is the one that goes where the 3 gang light switch is. That one will be a challenge.

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Just down 188 a little off Northfield Dr.

When drilling holes for cabinets, place some painters tape on the front too, that will stop any wood from coming outwards, and yes drill from the face side.

You can make a template to guarantee perfect alignment too.
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Good ideas guys thanks. Part of the issue is that the finish of the drawers is black and scratches easily, I think I need to use a soft measuring tape or a soft wood ruler. I've tried the templates that home depot sells but no good on the size of hardware I have. I guess there is no quick easy answer so will need to just carefully measure it out and just do it.

Tbraden - wow, we've been posting on the same forums on here and live 5 mins apart! Did you go to CHS? I was class '96.
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what kind of refrigerator are you using and is it audible during movie watching?
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It is an Edgestar 80 can. It is definitely audible and kicks on and off constantly. The reviews on Amazon are dead on, an I knew what I was getting into. It does look great and the price is decent compared to some very expensive alternatives. The blue backlight is very cool and it has a power off button so you can shut it off without pulling it out of the cabinetery. There aren't many options at the size I wanted in a glass front so I got this one knowing about the noise. With my projector running, I do not notice it in my front row but I do notice it in the back row. I dont sit there so that isn't a problem; I get most annoyed when I'm on the red couch in the living room side. It bugs me when I'm there. Overall I would rate it 3 of 5 stars, which again isn't a surprise given the reviews I read before. If you can find one that is a 5 star for less than 1,500 I'll be surprised.
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Merry Christmas!

I grew up in McArthur and graduated Vinton County 98'. I have only lived in Circleville for a little over two years now. BTW, I have two little boys too, 4 and 2. Will have to meet up sometime.
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Hey kelton325, figured I'd chime in to your questions about my A/V rack in your own thread.

The rails that I purchased from Parts-Express are the 45U Penn-Elcom model. I actually used a hack saw and cut them down by 3, so the rack is actually 42U.

The only other parts I used were some rack screws from PE, which came with the nylon washers included.

As far as construction is concerned, I screwed the rack casing directly into the studs, shifted out 5/8" to be flush with the drywall after it went up. The rails are attached with some pretty large 3" lag screws that pass all the way through the casing and into the studs every 3 or 4".

Grand total for everything in the rack except the shelves and faceplates comes out to roughly $50...pretty tough to beat that! Of course, the MA custom faceplates can really bump the pricing up quite a bit, so if you're looking to save some cash, there are a number of threads around here where guys are making their own faceplates for a couple of bucks that look just as good as the MAs.

Theater is looking great, keep up the momentum!
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Thanks HDVids, this really helps - sorting through all the different rack options is a bit overwhelming. On those MA face plates, do you think I could screw them directly into wood studs if I didn't use a "real" rack and built my own?
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Originally Posted by kelton325 View Post

On those MA face plates, do you think I could screw them directly into wood studs if I didn't use a "real" rack and built my own?

Yes, I don't see why not as long as you're careful aligning everything. The biggest issue with the custom faceplates is that they're designed to interlock with the shelves, so the screws in the front hold both the shelf and the faceplate together. you could use the faceplate without the shelf in a DIY fashion as long as you line everything up as accurately as possible. Personally, the price of the custom faceplates is expensive enough to merit using legit rack rails if that's the direction you want to go (1 faceplate costs twice what my rack cost). If you don't want to use rails, I would suggest possibly going full DIY and making the faceplates as well, but that's also a whole lot of work too. wink.gif
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I didn't grasp the interlocking with the shelves until you mentioned it and I researched further, thanks for calling that out. I can see your point - why spend a bunch of money on custom face plates and run the risk of them not lining up & looking right when you can buy the rails for just a few bucks more. Many of the sites that sell the face plates are hard to understand, the one that was the clearest also happens to have the best price on them by a substantial margin. Most of the others were confusing about whether the shelves AND the face plate are included; this site clearly says both are included for the price tag.

Here's what I'm considering ordering:

Rails 21U - only need to cover my AVR (3U), Blu-Ray player (2U or 3U), Cable Box (2U), and Xbox 360 (3U). Want a 4U drawer too, This should leave me with 6U or 7U to grow on.

Shelves and Face plates - this site had the clearest description and the best price:


Filler Panel:

Any thoughts are welcome!
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Finished up the hardware installation on the cabinets... Also a very productive trip to pick up the rest of the OC703 to finish filling out the wall panels and to Home Depot to get supplies for base/crown moulding for the family room side and a few pieces to tie up the joints between it and the theater side. When I finish up the insulation on the panels, I also need to stretch out and re-staple the fabric to get rid of some wrinkles. The final panel still needs built, which is pending all the decisions on the rack build which has recently become part of the project (as seen in the few posts above). The rack build will be absolutely shamelessly copied from HDVids4all's. So far this project, which started as only a theater has added: Bar/cabients/refrigerator, entire family room side gut/re-build/re-wire/re-light/carpet/furnish, and now very likely wall mounted custom AV rack. The add ons exceed the cost of the theater substantially at this point!

Pics of the finished bar. You can also see the Ohio State tree my wife made for me and the Holiday selection in the fridge.

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Its looking good. When you are done there, come on down to Northfield Dr. and I have another project for you! As you know I have not built anything but have read tons of threads on here. You might want to expand your rack a little more.

Just a thought because a few items you might add later such as:
HTPC - Which I highly recommend you build....my 4 yr can operate the whole thing himself and pick out all his movies without me having to go put in any disc. Best HT investment yet.
AMP space - either for your mains or future upgrade sub amp -maybe both

It would be easier to have a few extra U's now, then two years later trying to expand it. Just a thought. Also, I like to help spend other peoples money.

Now off to shovel the driveway,!
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Sounds good - we looked at a house over on Northfield and I know several of the families out there (Grossglass, Strawser, Tootle, Snyder).

Shoveling is all done, sledding and snow man complete; heading north for OSU hoops game so nothing will get done on theater today!

I'll think about your tips as wells, good stuff.
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Originally Posted by tbraden32 View Post

HTPC - Which I highly recommend you build....my 4 yr can operate the whole thing himself and pick out all his movies without me having to go put in any disc. Best HT investment yet.

I actually have a PC I built that serves as a Media PC that streams to Apple TV's throughout the house. It doesn't qualify as a "HTPC" for a number of reasons, but I could build something easily that did. What do you use for your HT interface? I've looked at XMBC but looks like a time investment to learn it.

Originally Posted by tbraden32 View Post

AMP space - either for your mains or future upgrade sub amp -maybe both
It would be easier to have a few extra U's now, then two years later trying to expand it.

This is a good idea, I may buy and mount a 45U and just not expose the lower rails. If I ever want to expand, the extra U's will be there and I will just have to make the opening in the wall and the panel covering it.
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I pretty much followed Assassins guide on here over in the HTPC forum. Built it a little over a year ago and I'm using Media Browser as the interface.

Super easy to learn in no time.
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FedEx man comes through and delivers this on my day off! Rack building the rest of the day, not sure how much progress I'll make but can at least get a start.

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How do you like those Polks? My brother is finishing his basement and I'm helping him with his audio and video. Just getting started!
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I like the Polks, they sound great to my ears but I'm coming off a HTIAB set up that was pretty low end. I also managed to score a 2nd sub for free - 1st one came with a slightly damaged corner but fully functional. NewEgg sent me a new one and UPS didn't want the damaged one so I hooked both up. I haven't run Audyssey on my new Denon 3313CI yet, so really hoping for a nice bump up in the room response once I get the build done and allow myself to run it.
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Got the rack assembled, glad I spent the $$$ at bought the MA custom shelves & faceplates. Good experience from opening the box through assembly. As expected, I have plenty of space to burn on my 27U rails. Welcome suggestions on component configuration, but here is how I am planning it. Would like feedback on the order of components as well as how to fill the empty space. Not planning on any cooling as the rack will be totally exposed into the the basement utility room.

The 1 year old likes the new rack (took my eye off for 30 seconds):

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Where did you get your cabinets and granite from and what kind of price? I showed my brother your bar area and he is going to do something similar. He got some prices form lowes already.
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Lowes on South High in Columbus. Cost about 4,000 total with my own install on the cabinets. The granite install was included in the price. The beverage fridge was another $600, see my earlier review of that before buying the same brand. Good luck with your brother's build! I know mine has helped me out a ton!
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I read your review last night on that fridge, no good from the sound of it, too loud? He is planning on doing upper and lower cabinets, from lowes too. BTW your rack came out nice.

How tall are your ceilings down there?
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The fridge is OK... not great, but not unacceptable. I knew what I was getting into at that price. If you can find a quiet one in that price range let me know; I couldn't find anything with a glass door and that look for anywhere near that price so I took the bad with the good.
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Productive morning re-routing some electrical and doing the construction of the wall where the rack will be mounted. Hopefully will get some time later this weekend to put the rack in and fill it with gear. I ordered the remaining rack pieces as shown in an earlier post, so hopefully those will get here soon.

Wall construction/framing inside utility room looking out into theater

From theater looking into utility room (you can see my old shelving I used for equipment)
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The rack is installed and components loaded up, turned out great. I need to build some small panels to re-finish the walls and also put some trim around it to clean it up. Hopefully the blank panels and the portable media shelf come in soon so I can finish it up.

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More progress today...

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