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Have never really liked the look of ceiling tiles, however those black ones look great. Really set it off and give the ceiling a quality look. Definitely bookmarked the site where you got them from.
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Can you post a review on your Epson?
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Originally Posted by DavidK442 View Post

A nice clean equipment install. The rack does look great.
Love the picture of the snowman and of your little one climbing into the rack.
Mine are all teenagers now. I miss those days.

Thanks David, I will be glad when the build is done so I can spend more time using the room with those two little guys versus having to chase them around while I'm trying to get work done. Definitely getting lots of quality movie watching time with the 4 year old, so the investment is paying off and hopefully will when they're teenagers like yours!

Originally Posted by denm316 View Post

Have never really liked the look of ceiling tiles, however those black ones look great. Really set it off and give the ceiling a quality look. Definitely bookmarked the site where you got them from.

Thanks denm! I have been really impressed with the product - if they make it through shipping OK, they are great to work with and look really nice and finished. People can't believe they're just plastic! For an interesting contrast, check out the pictures of the cabinets in the bar (above on this page), which has a similar pattern. Compare those to the ceiling - looks like the exact same material however one is solid wood and the other plastic. Impossible to tell without touching.

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Can you post a review on your Epson?

I'm probably not qualified to provide a really good review, and I haven't done extensive tuning yet as I'm still building, but here are my thoughts:

Epson 8700ub

- Lens shift is an amazing feature and works GREAT. Really gives alot of flexibility
- Watching sports with the lights on is absolutely no problem on my 1.1 gain screen; especially in Dynamic mode
- With good source material, the picture at approx. 10' viewing distance looks clearer than my 55" Sony LCD
- I am thrilled with the value for the price. I constantly ask myself how these super-expensive $5k+ projectors could do that much better than this one a little over $2k. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I am constantly wowed with the picture even now that I'm getting hundreds of hours on the 1st bulb
- A rebate for a 2nd bulb was provided (which I claimed)

- Somewhat loud, however my ceiling is very low so hard to blame projector on that
- Seem to have HDMI handshake sensitivity/issues. Blank outs for 4-6 seconds, especially if the projector is turned on after the receiver. Believe I have resolved this using a HDMI booster for the 25' run from my Denon 3313CI receiver; and also programming receiver to turn on second after a delay. Same receiver feeding a Sony LCD in HDMI Zone 2 runs 50 feet with no HDMI boost just fine, no blank outs.

Open Questions:
- May be a little bright for a 1.1 gain screen in total darkness Very light or white scenes on movies seem to sparkle (hot spots?). I need to play with the settings to see if this can be corrected.
- Need to learn more about Auto Iris - currently not using it at all (not sure what I'm missing but guessing something)

Conclusion: Love it. I think once I take time to master the settings and finish working out the HDMI handshake issues that are very common in 25'+ runs and may not be the fault of the projector, all will be well. Highly recommended.
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Originally Posted by DavidK442 View Post

If you are not running in Eco mode you probably should be. This will cut the light output by about 30% so should eliminate hotspotting and make very bright scenes better. It will also cut fan noise considerably. From what I have read the 8700 is a great projector, especially for dark movies.

Thanks for the tip, I will have to try that... I thought Auto Iris might help since it's supposed to automatically adjust the light output, but I will try the Eco too. I really need to read the 8700 owner's thread, I haven't looked in there since I bought it and was verifying that people liked it. Probably lots of fine tuning tips in there.
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Remaining Rack parts came in today, 10 mins of install later we are done with the rack itself, just need to cut & paint the trim moulding to be completely done. Yet again very satisfied with Middle Atlantic. The media player shelf even came with 2 different kinds of velcro to fasten the base of your media player (in my case the remote control charging stand) to the shelf so it is secure. Not that I don't have yards of velcro laying around from the fabric panel builds, but it's just a nice touch and really shows the thinking that goes into the MA products.

Big shout out to HDVids4All for the inspiration - this rack was modeled on what he did. Also good call by tbraden32 on adding more space for future proofing - totally glad I did that!

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That rack looks really good. Lots of space for that HTPC now. Room is almost completed now and sure your littles one will enjoy it.

Also, thanks for the review on that Epson, I think that is what my brother is going with too now. For have the price of the newer models, but with out The 3D which he doesn't care about.
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Thanks... I've been putting together an HTPC parts list using Assassin's guide as you suggested. I can't seem to find a rack mountable case I really like. I could skip the rack mountable requirement to open up my options and just buy another custom faceplate, but not really wanting to spend as much or more on the faceplate than the case itself will cost. Will be keeping my eyes open for something good. I've also been playing with different Media front ends... My brother turned me on to Plex, which I found was easier and slicker than some of the other options. It will play MKV's with no problem and streams to iPad/iPhone, and even to a built in app on a LG SmartTV I already have, which was a nice surprise. It will even stream over the web for remote viewing of your library. The setup was incredibly easy and I like the skins & usability so far, and I'm seriously considering moving away from my existing iTunes/AppleTV streaming solution that doesn't support MKVs.

That will become a project all on it's own... On the theater build, next steps are:

- Install moulding around rack
- Clean up wires w/ some ties on back side of rack. Install some cheap shelves in utility room next to rack for misc stuff.
- Finish fabric panel that will go over lightswitch. Been putting this one off due the complexity. Found a 3-gang electrical box extender online today which will help.
- Several panels need stretched to remove wrinkles
- Complete Crown & Base moulding on Family room side - all installed just need to finish filling nail holes, caulk to close gaps and touch up paint.
- Repair some damage to walls & re-paint (happend during Crown/Base installation)
- Final touch ups of black paint on ceiling - several nicked up spots as I was finishing walls.
- Run Audyssey for room correction (not letting myself do it until the panels are all up)
- Re-run Disney WOW to dial in Video
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I have a nMedia case 5000 I believe. Not rack mountable, but an overall good case for room and looks too. No one ever believes me when I tell them that is a computer. I need to check out Plex then because I'm currently not streaming any content from my HTPC to any of our iPhones or iPads.
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Nice case, I'll add that one to the short list. I started a thread over in the HTPC forum to get a critique on some budget components I picked out for a Plex/1080p/7.1 audio solution, check it out if you like:

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I checked out Plex and even implemented it. Took less then 10 minutes to piggy back it on my platform. For streaming, wow, super easy and works great. Both my kids now have Plex on their iPads and we put it on our phones too. Great streaming solution! Thanks for that info.

I still use MediaBrowser on my HTPC. Seems more customizable as of now. But for streaming MKVs with no problems as of yet, Plex works great.
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Cool! Glad to hear you like it. I had never heard of it but my brother turned me in to it. I actually already had an LG tv that had Plex built in, and since it had Netflix too it eliminates the need for the previous AppleTV solution I had in place. I am struggling getting streaming to my iPad working with MKVs by haven't played with it yet to figure it out.

Also, HTPC components arrived yesterday!

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You better get that gear picked up before it goes in that yellow dump truck!! The kids would have a blast hauling it around.
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Haven't posted in awhile but have been making progress on a few fronts.

Rack - got trim up and pretty much done other than a few touch ups with black paint on the screw holes. I had to use screws because the trim is holding the fabric panels in place, so if they come off I need an easier way to take off the trim.

Wall Panels - finished the final panel I had been putting off due to the light switch in that area. Very happy with how it turned out.

HTPC - Built and installed using a Plex solution. It took a huge amount of time to get 7.1 surround sound working, I have a whole thread in other forums on that. Overall I am pretty happy with Plex but have some bugs to work out with the HTPC sleep mode/resume that seems to freeze up Plex. I bought an infrared PC power switch that should allow me to easily power on/off with a programmable IR command so hopefully that will resolve that problem. I also need to get a better storage solution - I have 100 movies on Plex and my 3TB hard drive is tapped. Need about 3TB more of storage and also 6TB to back it all up. That's alot to get organized so still thinking through it.

The iPhone photos are a little shaky on quality - I will probably be taking much higher ones with my DSLR & Tripod sometime in the future.

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Installed 2" OC703 behind screen wall - both the back and the sides. Interestingly enough, I am now noticing my drop ceiling rattling in one spot from bass. This did not happen before and it was on a movie a I've watched several times (Top Gun opening sequence). I wouldn't have thought that this would have enhanced the bass but it seems to have done just that. I may need to fill some balloons with sand to weight down the drop ceiling & stop the rattle.

Next up is to run the Audussey calibration on my AVR - I haven't allowed myself to do it until all of the wall treatments are done, which they now officially are.

Overall, beyond some tweaking of some of the panels (stapling tighter, maybe cutting 1 or 2 down to fit better) and painting the screw holes in the trim of the rack; the theater side of the basement is DONE with construction. Total time around 1 year 7 months. The family room side still needs finish work done but it's mostly done; will hope to have that done by football season.
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