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Samsung LED TV Series Dxx6xxx NO FULL HD IN 3D Mode

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Hi @ all

I've allready created a Thread in SamyGO(here is the link h**p://forum.samygo.tv/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2346&sid=a628b342e6ae514dc652727729c3de0d)

And CNET Forum (but this was deleted by Admin) and so I decidet to create a thread here.


Im the more or less proud owner of an Samsung UE40D6500VSXZG and have the problem (like many other people) that the TV reduces te resolution in 3D Mode.

No matter, wich source has been testet (3D BDP, USB still Image, what ever)

so @ ALL Dxx6xxx users

Go and check the 3D picture quallity!

In our german Hifi-Forum there is a hot discoussion about it and there you get a free 3D Test PIC which is build by the user ColdFever to check the 3D resolution.


Pleasy check your Tv an post your experiences.

If someone asks: we also tested this on Series 7 and 8 and there is no reduction of the resolution!

Please help us to get our right! A FULL HD3D cappable TV (as it was sold)

Greets @ all Jimmy
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i have a d6750 , has anybody tried to alter the tv model from the service menu( make it from d6xxx to d7000 or d8000) or searched through the service menu to find an option that might be switched off in 6 series and is activated in 7 and 8 series
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Thanks for your reply!

The admin from SamyGo found out, that there are hints in the Firmware, that the TV ist forced to reduce the resolution.


GASFRC3DShare::t_IsChangedInputSizeForSet3DMode(CD3dEffectMo de_k)

So I think THIS iss a REAL fraud to the customers!

I don't believe in a made mistake.

Thats why more and more people have to recognize it!

Greetings Jimmy
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You said they also tested on the D7000 & D8000 model, and found they are good. Why don't they also post picture side-by-side that show the 3D effect from D6xxx vs D7000 vs D8000?

I have the un-60d6500 model. I am very happy with the 3D image. I think the 3D is amazing. I want to post some pictures but don't know how with the 3D glasses. Without 3D glasses, the images are not clear, but after put on the glasses, it is very sharp.
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you will have to down load the 2 images . one i a jpeg and the other one is an mpo file.both of them are 1920x1080 p resolution.
2nd you put rhem on a flash stick and plug it straifgt on your television.

3rd the jpeg will be crystal clear, while the mpo will not especially the very small letters -->a b c etc.

on a d7000 and d8000 both images are crystal clear.

i agree with you i was amazed by the 3d on my TV, but it is not as it is supposed to be, it is supposed to be 1080p (there is a big difference between 540 and 1080p.

the 2 files can be found if you google samy go d6500 not full hd 3d ( you can also read a lot more info about the subject)
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Hi guys,

Today I went to a local dealer and asked whether I'm allowed to check "my" Testpic on a 40D8090 and a 55D7090.
As you can imagine he was surprised :shock:, that the Series 6 TV is unable to reproduce 3D Images in FullHD quality.
But I think, my tests were a little bit to showy, because an other shop assistant came to see what we do and was just discriminating against. ->dumbass<-
No one would see it and so on. Thats why I moved out.


This is the Test-Image on the 40D8090; shot with Cam of my Mobile-Phone

This on my 40D6500; shot with my Sony Cybershot cam.

I think this is definetly REALY easy to see, that there is a reduction even If one is colorblind or what else.

So if that aren't rock proof facts, I don't know.

Greetings @ all Jimmy
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Here I tested my UN-60D6500. Looks like the 3-D effect is in 1080P with no issue. I think the D6 series in North America is different than those in the Europe if they have trouble for their D6 series there.

This is the picture for 2D

This is the picture when I press the 3D button on the TV remote

This is the picture after press the enter for 2D to 3D, the screen stretch a little

Here is the close up. The image is as sharp as the 2D
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Sorry I mixed up the pictures.

This is the 2D one. The picture fit the whole screen:

This is the 3D one. The picture is stretched a little:
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sorry nice guy1234 in order to pass the test you have to test the mpo file on your tv . look at thr blurry 3D logo on Jimmbean pictures of d8000 and d7000,. i dont think you have converted your 2d to 3d image since the hd letters should have been blurry.
try it one more time with the mpo if you can. thank
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Here I do the testpic again use the .mpo file.

this is the 2D in 1080p

press 3D button on TV remote

press enter to enter 3D mode

Here is the close up

I do not worry about convert the regular 2D blu-ray movie to 3D movie because I know it will not look good anyway. Enen those [2D-3D] movies are not very good. Only those [S3DR] or [IMAX3D] are nice. When I watch SANCTUM [S3D], the 3D effect is increadible. It is nothing short of 1080P HD.
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niceguy1234 i beleive that your tv is full HD 3d , can you please tell me your firmware version ? full name.

you are lucky....
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When I convert this testpic.mpo (using USB) to 3D by pressing the 3D button on the TV remote, I can see only a little 3D effect on the Full HD and the 3D label by wearing the 3D glass. I am not sure that is normal, or I wonder my D6500 TV is not even converting 2D to 3D. Anyway if I play 3D movie from my samsung BD-D6500 3D player, it looks very sharp on 3D effect.

I don't think I am lucky to have the 1080P HD on 3D. I think all the model from D6420 and up are 1080PHD on 3D movies. I bought my TV in Futureshop (Canada). They have demo on the floor with UN-55D6420, UN-55D7000 and UN-55D8000 playing 3D movies all day long. Customers can wear the 3D glass and see the effect any time. When I went there and see the demo, there are no difference in picture quality (3D) among those 3 models. Maybe D7000 and D8000 is a little better because it is more expensive, but not huge difference. I bought the 55" at the beginning, then exchange for the 60". The first one I got was good too, just not big enough.
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@ niceguy1234

How did you stream the picture to the TV?

You definetly dont see the right image!

Our 3D Testimage has to look clear and sharp as you have shown BUT the 3D icon has to be a bit blurry!

Simply download the mpo file, copy it to your USB Drive and view it.

The TV should automatically switch to 3D Mode.

Greetings Jimmy
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I do it again with more detail and the correct way this time. You are the judge to see if it is HD 1080P in 3D mode.

1. Plug in the USB drive

2. Select Source on remote and select USB drive

3. Move down to Photo and select the Testpic.pmo

4. The TV will automatically activate the 3D and ask you to wear 3D glasses

5. The 3D logo is blurry. Wear 3D glasses and see the 3D effect

6. Close up on left

7. Close up on right

8. Here is the service memu
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Thank you very much!

I think it looks much better than the smaller ones.

But what about the oblique lines in the right?

Those looks also like grey mud, as I can see.

If you compare them to the picture taken of the 55D7090, I think you now what I mean?

Greetings Jimmy
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Originally Posted by Jimmbean View Post

Thank you very much!

I think it looks much better than the smaller ones.

But what about the oblique lines in the right?

Those looks also like grey mud, as I can see.

If you compare them to the picture taken of the 55D7090, I think you now what I mean?

Greetings Jimmy

My picture quality should not be as good as the D8000 series that is why the D8 series is more expensive, but still close. Beside I should the photos with my cell phone. It could be better if I use my digital camera.

You see my PQ is way better the picture that you took from the 40D6500. That is fact. If the 3D effect looks the same as the picture you took on the 40D6500, I would return my set and get the D7 series. I still have 1 more week to think about it.
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i excatly don´t know what to believe the pictures look much better from niceguy1234 then ours from our 40 or 46 TV´s. But don´t know if it should be the same as D8000 and 7000 series the are more expensive the then 6000 series. if the pic would look the same on my tv if would be happy because it looks more Full HD then now. Actually don´t know if it´s Full HD or not but it looks like FULL HD.
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I will use this Testpic.mpo to test the floor demo in my local electronic store with the 55D7000 and 55D8000 and find out if the 3D quality are the same among the D6, D7 and D8 series. I still strongly believe that what I see from the D6500 is 1080P HD in 3D which the same as the 7 and 8 series (for North America model). I post some pictures later on.
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Look at these 2 photos. The letters on your picture (shoot from 40D8090) and my picture (shoot from 60D6500), the letters from 40D8090 is more clear. But consider the screen size 40" vs 60", the pixel size for 60" is bigger than 40", and it will not be as sharp as the smaller size screen, provided they are both 1080p.

image from 40D8090

image from 60D6500
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After more research, I do admit that the D7 and D8 series have better PQ in 3D. Here I took more pictures from Best Buy.

Here is the pictures from UN-55D7000. You can clearly see the letters

Here is the UN-55D6500. You can barely see the letters

I consider to return my 60D6500 and get the 60D7000.
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http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/v...068#p175092068 in France they got the same problem.

I think the circle is getting bigger and bigger.

Greetings Jimmy
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Samsung promote the D6 series for 3D, and D7 & F8 for Full HD 3D. I ask the sales person why the D6 pq is not as good as the D7 and D8, he said the processor is not as powerful as the D7 & 8. He should tell me before I bought the 6 series, now I need to return it, and buy the D7000. It is a loss-loss situation for both parties.

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We just released a detailed Test dealing with the resolution loss of Samsungs 6-Series.


(german language as usual)

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Thank you very much for your engagement. I hope, other test platforms will follow you and force samsung to give a statement to its cheating at last.
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Hi Max10

Thanks for your reply.

But this is not in 3D Mode!
If the pic is shown in 3D the 3D Icon is getting a little bit blurry (like normal 3D pictures).

Would you please be so kind to do the test again?

Thanks for your efford.

Greetings Jimmy
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Could you walk me though this step by step.

Here is what I did.
Put the USB in back of the TV with the MPO testpic.
Chosse the USB drive on the on screen and then the test picture.
Then I pressed the 3D button on the remote and that is the first picture you see with the icons.
Then on the second pic I decided to take another pic put the USB drive back in and repeated the steps above but this time I after I clicked on 3D on the remote that show the icons you see in the first pic then for this pic I also clicked on the center button between all the arrows on the remote and the icons went off and I took the pic.

If this is incorrect ( I thought this was the way) could you tell me step by step how to do this and I will do it.

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It sounds like the right way.

My TV automaticaly switches to 3D Mode, when I play the .mpo File.
But mine is an UE40D6500 so maybe there is a different handling?

So I think you need to test which is the right way.
1st the .mpo is the right one!
2nd try the different 3D modes.
You should see it directly because the 3D icon will getting a bit blurry.

Then compare to the resolution-quallity shown before in 2D mode.

Greetings Jimmy
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Jimmy here is the file I used in the below pic would this be the correct one?
Also Jimmy would happen to know the following as I am new to this Samsung 6420 set.

1. Has this problem been seen on US models also?
2. The higest FW version I seen is 1019 I read so far mine has 1020, have you seen these sets with 1020 or anything higher.


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The file seems to be the right one.

But there also seems to be a problem in viewing the image.

IF your TV would show HullHD3D it would be the first in D6 series!

Normaly you shold see exactly, what you see now but the 3D icon has to get blurry, because this is the only part in this image, wich is "3D" anything else has to look like the normal 2D image.
niceguy posted an image, where you can see the 3D icon.

Maybe the 6450 is unable to "play" mpo files?

Mysterious.... I don't have an other idea.

Greetings Jimmy
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