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Dubstep & other heavy bass music

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Im not sure how popular Spotify is here on this forum, but I will give it a try anyway.

I need inspiration / tips for some new music with lots of bass.

I've made this list:


I've only added a couple of songs so far. But the point is: If you use spotify & got some nice tips to bass heavy songs, please add them to my list

Many dubstep songs are very bass heavy, but it doesn't have to be just "Dubstep". Any category will do!

Oh.. and this is by all means not to "promote" Spotify. It's for my own selfish matters: I want new (bassheavy) music
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young jeezy feat kanye west- put on it has a great low end note to start the song
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Here a thread that you should check out. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1324979

For quick reference I posted these.

Check out anything by "Liquid Stranger"
http://youtu.be/toqB9fvQvJY and http://youtu.be/rTzpKSe_AkY

Bassnectar's "Basshead"

This one is pretty cool too.

If dubstep isn't your cup of tea, here is a rock/metal selection with a ton of bass.

This gets violent at :41. Skrillex - Scatta

Another Skrillex
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Good idea. I added beastaudio and Jailguy's suggestions. I'll work through the other thread and add tracks I can find.
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And the list is growing!

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On a Nissan/Infiniti forum I frequent, one of the members DJ's. He started out just throwing stuff together and I'd critique it a bit; mostly letting him know how much clipping there was in the song and amount of compression used. I basically didn't add anything constructive . He now does shows at clubs around his area.

Here's his last dubstep mix

Other songs of his can be found here. (160'ish tracks and mixes)

Maybe he can give you some tips if you email him. Tell him I said hi.
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It's been mentioned on other threads, but the song Tiger, from Paula Cole's This Fire album, has some very deep bass. It is surprising, given the genre.
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Added everything I could find from that thread, including Tiger, baniels!

117 tracks, 9hrs of bass!
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Ahhh, totally off topic, but Bassnectar is going to be in my town in October and I will miss it.
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Originally Posted by filtor1 View Post

Ahhh, totally off topic, but Bassnectar is going to be in my town in October and I will miss it.

He's coming up my me too, but I can't find anyone to go with.
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If you enjoy metal or Industrial metal, Fear Factory's Remanufacture has some bass heavy remixes.
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Originally Posted by TheWolf56 View Post

If you enjoy metal or Industrial metal, Fear Factory's Remanufacture has some bass heavy remixes.

all shall perish has some killer drops in some of their songs. They are definitely metal. very technical kick drums that sound excellent too
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Gotta agree to that. Many people would be surprised how much bass is actually present in a well-recorded metal song if listened to on a good system. Nothing sounds better to me than the driving beat of a fast double-bass that is mic'd well.
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Thats for sure, I live for good recorded metal. I little mixed genre band that sounds amazing is abandon all ships. They are a mix between dance, metal, and screamo but their album is VERY well recorded and has some really interesting breakdowns.
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just saw that skrillex is coming to my town in Nov. havent ever heard it though. ill have to check it out.

Are you listing these tracks anywhere or creating a "bass" torrent some of us could get in on?
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I added them all to the Spotify playlist he started and linked in the first post.
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I dont know how that helps me, i cant access spotify here at work, and have no idea what it entails. ill try when i get home...
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Yeah check it out when you get home, it's a legit music service that gives you access to a ton of music and let's you create custom playlists like Myggpower did that are open to others adding songs to it.

I pay $10/mo for it because I like having the massive library on my phone for the car or gym, but they have a free account that should let you play everything on your computer.
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i usually monitor the trend using beatport.com. there, u will find what most downloaded, track popularity per dj, and tons of heavy bass stuff. one of my favorites called "Glitch Hop".. why the heck they named that, idk...
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Im also using Premium because of:

1) I can have spotify on my cellphone
2) Double bitrate ! (320kb. Must manually enable it in preferences)

Haven't heard all songs added yet (Hehe you added quite a lot!), but so far, it's good stuff!
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If you like metal here are some good ones.
Divine Heresy "Monolithic Doomsday Devices" crazy double kick
Fear Factory "Powershifter" also crazy double kick
Vildhjarta "Focus snippet" Deep bass
Mnemic "blood stained" you Find out as soon as the song starts.
Fear Factory "shock" Nice bass drop at the start.

Not Metal but
craig armstrong "finding beauty" lots of bass
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To Care (Like Of) by James Blake

It is a strange song. But take note of the low end. Heard it on sat radio one day. One of the few times I have managed to over extend my driver at normal listening levels. lol
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Just to add a few. Can't add link's yet. Just hit up SoundCloud.

Stizreth - Thunder in the Silence.

Psy:am and Stinkahbell - I shall not Fear.

Rusko - Bionic Commando (remix).

My bad if already listed in the playlist, I didn't sign up/download or w/e to check it out.
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You can find these on youtube:

  1. P.H.Fat - The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz)
  2. Dope D.O.D. - What happened
  3. Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
  5. M.I.A. - Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix)
  6. Example - Kickstarts (Bar 9 Remix)
  7. Magnetic Man - I Need Air
  8. Emalkay - When I Look At You
  9. Maskinen - Pengar
  10. Chase & Status - No Problem
  11. Chase & Status - Hitz ft. Tinie Tempah
  12. Noisia - Machine Gun
  13. Modestep - Feel Good
  14. White Lies - Death (Chase & Status Remix)
  15. Deejay Bola - Private Jet (Electronic)

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Turn it up to 1080p, and crank it up!

Incredibly good christmas dub
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Late night trip by 36 mafia is a classic bass track.
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I'd have to check some charts, but there were several Goldie tracks and remixes that would ruin the weather stripping in my old car.
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Also check out this thread, especially my posts. Ha ha

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DNB soldier

check these on your subs

the gatekeeper

make our day
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poiDBWLkdvA (has some nasty dips )

not heavy bass but well put together by SBTRKT (dj subtract)
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