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Pioneer Elite VSX-31 Video Help

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I recently bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-31 and have it hooked up to a Panasonic Viera st30 plasma TV. The problem I am having is my Directv box is connected via HDMI to the receiver and out HDMI to the TV, and every time I change a channel on the Directv box my screen flashes black and loses video signal for about 5 seconds (while the sound comes back after about 3 seconds). There is some issue with the receiver setting or the Directv because I could seamlessly switch between channels before the Directv was going through the receiver. In short I would say I am losing video signal for a few seconds whenever I change channels.

On a side not I do not lose signal when the Directv is connected to the receiver via RCA (TV/Cable input on the receiver) and out HDMI. Is shows in the manual that the TV/Cable input can use HDMI instead of RCA but I cannot figure out how.

Anyone have any suggestions or settings that may help?
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sounds like a resolution change causing the avr to renegotiate a handshake...

set the directv box to put out a "fixed" resolution...
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That worked perfectly! I turned off all resolutions but 1080p and no more blinking screen. Thanks!
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you are welcome... glad i could help you out...
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I have a different issue. Video & Audio are passing through when the receiver is off. I followed the instruction from the manual that the HDMI control should be ON on the receiver and TV.

When I turn off the receiver, TV says Switching to TV Speakers. Audio & Video coming up only 5 seconds. The receiver shuts off after that.

Please help.
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