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HDMI over Cat5

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Are these actually any good?

I'm going to be building a room/theater.
with wall outlets for Surround, HDMI(tv-computer) Coax and Ethernet.

I don't really like the thought of an HDMI cable run through the walls, and I can run the Cat5 myself. but I don't want to buy them if they arent that good.

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down near the end of the main page is a forum for "Everything HDMI", you probably will get the most responses there. I would also suggest a search in that forum for that device.
Good luck!
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Did you even bother to read to reviews on the web page for the device?

Everything you need to know is in the HDMI forum on this site.
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I got a set from mono price and use them to provide signal to my Projector, they work wonderfully.
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