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speaker placement advice needed for new home

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Hello guys. I will be purchasing a newly built home soon and wanted to do my research before I move in. I plan on turning my living room into my main area to watch movies, play games and enjoy music so with that in mind I want to have a great setup for surround sound. I will provide the details of what equipment I'm using for my 5.1 setup.

- Denon AVR-1712 Receiver
- Velodyne 15" Subwoofer
- 2 Infinity RS5 Floorstanding speakers for my FL and FR surround sound
- 1 Infinity CC3 Center speaker
- Rear Surround Left and Right speaker (Have not purchased yet)

My main concern is with the rear surround speakers. With the way the floor plan of the house makes it difficult for me to decide what to get for speakers. Originally I wanted to use the Infinity RS bookshelf speakers for my rears and have them placed on speaker stands to either side of the couch and slightly behind. But the wife doesn't want me to run wires or have speaker stands because it will ruin the look of the living room. So my only alternative is to get in ceiling speakers and have them aimed down. The living room will be pre-wired for surround sound. So I'll have the wires available when I'm ready to get my rear speakers for the ceiling. Which leads me to my next question. Since I'm very concerned about imaging, and getting the proper sound to get the most out of the movie watching experience. What type of rear in-ceiling speakers do you guys recommend? Also is it true that in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are the most difficult speakers to get to sound right due to many variables inside your wall? I'm kind of nervous because I have a very nice front stage and I want my rears to compliment that. I have to mount the rears in the ceiling, but do they sell ones where i can turn and have them point in a certain angle so that it reaches the correct listening position? In-wall is out of the question because of the way the living room floor plan is setup so I have no choice here.

I would appreciate some feedback from some of you audiophile experts when it comes to setting up a nice home theater with great surround sound. Please help me with getting a proper rear soundstage for my surrounds. I wouldn't have so much problems if the wife can just let me run my bookshelf speakers for the rear.
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I am NOT a fan of in walls or in ceiling speakers but, that is my oppinion. I would convince the wife of the surrounds on stands. After all, they are movable. Put them away when not in use and all is well!
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