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New Samsung BD-D5700ZA BluRay very slow to access Netflix

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My new Samsung BluRay Player BD-D5700ZA, wireless, is very slow to load Netflix.
It seems the onboard Samsung software is the sluggish component.

Once Netflix is running, things work fine. The initial load takes 2-3 minutes, and sometimes locks up.
Are all Samsungs slow? Is this one defective?

Is Roku faster? Other?

Our "Nintento Wii" loads it quickly, but we're gonna move it to the kids room.
Bandwidth is not the issue, I have 10Mbs+.

Try Roku? Other? Advice?
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I have the Roku2, Panasonic BD65 player and PS3 and all load about the same speed. About 15-20 seconds.
Roku2 & PS3 on WiFI and BD65 hard wired to switch.

*My ISP speed is 12mb downstream.
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By load, do you mean to get to the title selection screen, or to start playing something?

I have several Sony devices, and it's typically 30 seconds or less. All are hard-wired with 12/2 speed rated Internet (25/4 with PowerBoost). A recent firmware update on my TV sped it up a few seconds by shortening the time spent on the 'link speed detect' screen.
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Thanks for the replies guys.

I think I'm gonna try the Roku2 wireless, and then downgrade to a non-smart, non-WiFi BluRay.

I'm thinking that if I leave the Roku2 turned on, it will keep Netflix loaded and ready to go, so that when I switch the TV input to the Roku2, I'll be able to instantly see the Netflix menu like when we were using the Wii.

The Samsung BluRay BD-D5700ZA takes 5 seconds to turn on, then 30 seconds to begin trying to load Netflix (slow Samsung Menu process). Once it connects to Netflix, the video menu for Netflix loads in the normal 20 seconds or so. I know it's only a minute total, but it's aggrevating when I am prepping for work in the morning. Each time I switch to something else, the BluRay disconnects from Netflix.

I paid $150 plus $20 insurance on the Samsung BluRay BD-D5700ZA.
If I swap for the cheaper, non-WiFi Samsung BluRay, I'll skip the insurance, and I'll gain speed with seperate component Roku2. I like the idea of seperate components anyway.
The Samsung BluRay remote has a NetFlix red button on it... The way Netflix is going... It may soon be an obsolete color.

Anyway, thanks for the info & help. This has helped me figure out something to try.
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If you have Amazon Prime, the Roku2 has that as well for free.
Also, you can't turn off the Roku2.
You basically just park on the Roku2 home page and it will to into sleep mode.
You will se the Roku logo on the screen like a screen saver when it's in sleep mode, which makes it turn on quickly.
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Cool, thanks.
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Thanks all for your help.

Result, the Roku2 XS beats the Samsung BluRay Player BD-D5700ZA wireless for Netflix, big time.

It loads faster, stays on, scrolls through the Netflix menu faster, and does other cool stuff. I'm amazed at how small it is.

The slumbersome culprit causing my aggravation was the "menu & software" in the Samsung BluRay Player BD-D5700ZA wireless.

I've downgraded to the Samsung BluRay Player BD-D5100ZA (non-wireless) regular old BluRay player.
It has a simple menu, and doesn't get bogged down with what appears to be a very slow processor trying to run fancy menu graphics like what appears to be happening in the BD-D5700ZA that is getting returned tomorrow.

Thanks again for your help.
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