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I don't know if horses have the equivalent of the midnight bark as documented in 101 Dalmatians, but a friend of mine in Arizona that boards/breeds horses for a living just had the teaser stallion grab her and pull her into his stall to stomp on her. Two of her workers were able to tug-a-war her back out and save her. Unfortunately the horse had initially grabbed her by her breast and she lost a big portion of it including her nipple. So maybe the horses sent out some sort of signal to avenge the deaths of their cousins which makes as much sense as PETA's rationale.
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Here's a link to an extensive article on Race track injuries & deaths around the country. While the deaths during the filming of "Luck" are lamentable - the article highlights the truly barbaric conditions that exist at our countries racetracks. The problems seem systemic, and lack of regulation and inconsistent drug protocols from state to state and track to track all contribute to the problem.
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^^^ Thanks. There is a similar article in today's LA Times about horse deaths at California tracks, with Santa Anita (where Luck was filmed) leading the way.
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Great season finale, bad series finale!
Too bad they didn't have more action in earlier eps, that may have saved series!
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As you said great season finale.

I think it would've been awesome to see Ace go to town on his adversaries.

And the Foray Stables fellas (as dismal and sad as their lives were) were a treat to watch.

And in my Deadwood correlation of the week, did anyone else catch the comment about the grandson's hair looking like a "Baboon"? I seem to remember a line Al Swearengen uttered to Silas about his haircut and a monkey...except the one that Swearengen uttered was much more dirty

And I really thought that Ace's grandson was going to buy it before the episode ended....
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ironically, strong race photography in the finale.
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I read somewhere that Ace's plan was to have the mob wind up owning the "racino" and they they end up going to jail for all the corruption. May have been an overly ambitious plan.

Now we know for certain that Gus was never "just a driver".

At least the goat came back.
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I quite enjoyed the series, but if I have to be honest, I won't find myself missing it, or wondering what was going to happen to these characters.

Look on the bright side - this cancellation brings us one small step closer to Deadwood movies....
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What an episode... Lot's of action, I was waiting for Gus to go "Mike Torello".. Great music, and I could actually hear the dialog, and it was well written. Major props to Mimi Leder as she really added to the episode as the Director. The racing scenes we're better than ever.
Sad thing is it's over, just as it hit it's stride. No more Escalante, Nolte, and the racing boys.....
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It was nice to see Mercedes Rhuehl, too bad her continuing role won't happen.
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A fresh interview with David Milch about the cancellation:


Who was it who ultimately made that call? Was it you and Michael? Was it HBO?

It was HBO, definitively. There was back and forth about it, but their feeling was so clearly that the situation was untenable, that there was really no protracted dispute. We were presented with an accomplished fact. And I don't say that with any resentment. They made the decision they felt they had to make.
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Couldn't another company pick this up and start filming again?
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Originally Posted by WaTaGuMp View Post

Couldn't another company pick this up and start filming again?

No. Milch and Mann, et al, are under contract to HBO.
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Originally Posted by kromkamp View Post

Look on the bright side - this cancellation brings us one small step closer to Deadwood movies....

Not likely:


Speaking of Deadwood: David, are we ever gonna see those Deadwood movies?
Milch: No, I don't think so. We got really close about a year ago. Never say never, but it doesn't look that way.

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HBO crew members out of 'Luck' with series shutdown


Some uprooted their families to relocate to Los Angeles. Others recently bought houses or signed long-term leases and were banking on at least 10 months of steady work to pay down their debts. Many had turned down higher paying jobs to work for two of the top creative forces in the business -- Michael Mann and David Milch, executive producers of the HBO TV series "Luck."

Two weeks after HBO announced its sudden decision to shut down production of "Luck" in the wake of three horse fatalities, those who worked behind the scenes on the weekly TV series were grappling with the harsh realities of suddenly being out of work in a tough job market. "Luck" employed about 180 crew members, 23 actors with regular and recurring roles, 20 weekly or day player actors, in addition to dozens of extras.

Many local prop houses and vendors that had supplied services and equipment to the HBO series also lamented the demise of one of the higher-profile shows filming in Los Angeles at a time when fewer dramas are shooting locally because of competition from New York and other states.


"Luck's" closure was felt far and wide in Los Angeles because the series filmed and spent heavily throughout the region, mainly at Santa Anita Park, but also at such locations as the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hustler Casino in Gardena, Rod's Grill in Arcadia and Marina del Rey.

HBO executives would not disclose the budget for Luck, but people who worked on the show said it was among the more expensive local TV dramas, spending about $140,000 per episode on prop rentals and purchases and set construction alone.

Among the beneficiaries was GMT Studios in Culver City, which rented three soundstages for Luck.

The entire production community is hurting because filming is going out of state and this was one big show that was pretty substantial,'' said Frank DiPasquale, president of GMT Studios. They had a contract to be here till the end of October. It was definitely a setback for us.

"Luck" was also a boon to the Santa Anita racetrack, which generated $10,000 to $20,000 a day in site fees from the series. About 75 people who work at the track earned extra income working as riders, gate guards and extras.

It's a big blow to us and something I don't think we'll be able to replace any time soon,'' said Peter Siberell, director of special projects for Santa Anita Park.
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I hadn't had a chance to watch and had the entire series on my dvr queue. My wife and I watched the whole thing over this week and we both really loved it. Really sorry to see it gone. So many characters drawn out really well.
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I watched the season (now series) finale last night. It maintained the high quality of the other episodes. But, I have to admit that one season was enough for me. I grew to enjoy the various characters and subplots, but I grew tired of the race sequences. I know that's the heart of the show, but each episode seemed to have nearly the same feel to each race. We had nearly the same shots of the horses and jocks (beautiful, yes), and the same shots of spectators exhorting the horses and slapping their fists or newspapers into their palms. Each director chose different music to go along with it. To be honest, I can't imagine how they could have made each sequence unique, and perhaps that's a facile complaint that could be leveled against any show with recurring plots.

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I thought the finale tied things off as best they could be. I'm gonna miss the 4 amigos. Gus still has what it takes. And my favorite line of the series: "A rip tide couldn't take her out."

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Humans are catching up to the animals-- Maybe now, they can bring back the show....

Man's body found in stable at the Kentucky Derby
Police were investigating whether death was from natural causes or a homicide
Body found in barn 8 close to winning horse I'll Have Another


But seriously, what a loss it was for this series to be canned. As we led up to the Derby with the prep races etc.-- who could not think about the show? I've run into more and more fans who loved the show. Some had no idea it was cancelled.

Good news for me is-- I watched the Santa Anita Derby and fell in love with I'll Have Another and rode him through yesterday
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Angry Dustin Hoffman Says HBO Not to Blame for 'Luck' Cancellation -- And Says Who Was Responsible
Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman spoke out about the cancellation of his HBO drama "Luck," saying the series was canceled because of misinformation spread by animal rights organization PETA and the tabloid site TMZ.com, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

HBO canceled the horse racing drama after its first season became swept up in controversy surrounding the deaths of several horses, the story notes. PETA -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- accused the producers of failing to take proper care of the animals.

"If you Google 'Paulick Report,' it’s a site for horse racing, and in that report is the real reason why the show was canceled," Hoffman said in an interview with Fox News. "It was a collaboration between PETA and TMZ. It’s interesting, sites like TMZ, they’re mistaken for news."

In the Paulick Report article to which Hoffman refers, Ray Paulick writes, "Despite the finality of what happened, I can’t in good conscience allow the radical animal rights group PETA -- and the journalists who faithfully report whatever the agenda-driven organization tells them -- to have the last word on the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the three horses over the two-year period that 'Luck' was being filmed. Known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA was anything but ethical in how it spread lies about the equine accidents that plagued 'Luck.' "

Hoffman added, "It still deeply wounds me. Not for myself, not for the show, but the pain they caused 400 crew people to have. And I don’t think they lost a moment’s sleep. It’s completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses knows they break their legs."

TMZ responded to the actor’s accusations, saying, "Truth is, the TMZ stories are in sync with what was reported on the Paulick Report." The TMZ report cites as facts a number of points TMZ published previously, noting that three horses died during production, with the third animal euthanized on the set ... “and production continued a few hours later.”

TMZ also reports: “HBO acknowledged the deaths ... and released a statement saying ‘accidents unfortunately happen.’”

The TMZ report adds: “The ratings for ‘Luck’ weren't that great to begin with ... and there were multiple reports that HBO used the horse deaths as an excuse to cancel the show without having to admit failure.”

TMZ, like HBO, is owned by Time Warner.

PETA said in a statement, "Dustin Hoffman must have a really cold streak running through his heart, as he isn’t hesitant to disrespect whistleblowers and animals to advance his agenda."

Link to above referenced Paulick Report ->http://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/the-peta-distortion-how-luck-s-cancellation-was-far-from-ethical/
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Thanks for the post. cool.gif

I saw the alert for it and I got excited. eek.gif

But it was like picking a scab and bleeding all over again. frown.gif

What Dustin is saying is what many of us were saying last year.

What a bummer this show is gone. Luck and Boss-- two enjoyable shows torpedoed this year for "suspicious" reasons.
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Dustin Hoffman was on the 'Fresh Air' radio show the other day and Terry Gross was interviewing him about his career and the new movie he directed, and I was really hoping he'd talk some about 'Luck' and what his impressions were of its cancellation. But it was barely mentioned in passing. I do miss that show. frown.gif
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A writer from the show has continued it in print format, from Vulture,
Luck Writer Is Basically Writing More Luck Scripts
By Jesse David Fox

It was about around this time that a second season of Luck was supposed to start. Alas, the show was canceled after a third horse died during production, but there is now a new outlet for fans of the show. Luck writer and horse-racing aficionado John Perrotta has created an "ongoing saga" that features many of the characters from Luck. It's structured somewhat like a TV script and somewhat like prose. It's basically fan fiction of the highest order. Read it over at America's Best Racing and cross your fingers he has Ace ripping his shirt off constantly.

( Link to America's Best Racing site where the actual script is. )
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