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Hi all -

I just wanted to stick my head in and say hi. I have been following the Dayton thread for sometime and as of a few weeks from now, I will finally be taking the leap to HD.

As a cursory question to Paul (I am located in western Butler Twp), did you use a bowtie antennae at all when pulling in Dayton channels, or have you always used your outdoor CM? I do not really have the option of putting up an outdoor mast. This either leaves the attic or a bowtie. I was just curious on your experience since we are roughly in the same area.

When I actually get everything up and running, I'll let you all know. Thanks for the wealth of information....

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The DD 5.1 is excellent! Little bit of a synch problem though.
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DD is great. I hgave noticed a lot more non HD cameras than the CBS games though. Not that big of a deal but come on this is the superbowl. One thing I would like to know from others is the location of the clock. The top of the clock is off screen. I am only seeing half of the time. Is this WDTN or me?
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Originally posted by Nitewatchman
The DD 5.1 is excellent! Little bit of a synch problem though.

Hey. It's a football game so you only notice it during the halftime show. Shania was way out of sync. From Oxford I choose WDTN-DT instead of WCPO-DT because of DD 5.1. (Anybody from WCPO listening)???

Absolutely loved the movie trailers ("Matrix Reloaded") that were in Hi-Def/DD5.1.

Only problem was the score "bug". I can see the score, down and distance, but the time remaining was cut off on my set. Did anybody have their TV setup so that the down and distance were viewable (not that it mattered much)??

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The video was pretty good, not many artifacts. However, I think it still could have been better because WDTN indicated they were going to devote the entire bandwidth to 50-1 (2-1). However, they multicasted on 50-2 the entire game.
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Just saw that WDTN News at 12a ran as their top story a piece on a Superbowl HD party --- Although they mentioned HD and the analog shut off, they still didn't mention WDTN-DT, go figure.


I was doing so much stuff I ended up not watching much of the game, but from what I did see, I didn't notice any missing info, had all the score/down and Distance and Time remaining info on a 16x9 screen, as well as on a seperate setup via a PC monitor and STB hooked up via composite inputs and downconverting the 16x9 to a SD (4x3) display.

The HD movie trailers were excellent! I watched WDTN-DT for the DD 5.1 and better PQ than WCPO-DT(for less compression artifacts mostly) as well.

WCPO-DT had school closings for a portion of Alias, WDTN-DT didn't, Sooo, guess which station I also watched for Alias even though I missed out on 5.1 since I had to put on the wireless earphones?


I didn't see a 2nd subchannel from WDTN-DT here. Was it SD? I only got the HD on 50-2 on my DTC-100(Actually internal to a F38310 Integrated HDTV) which I have set so it doesn't remap channels, and just 2-1 (HDV420) on my receiver which does remap. 50-2 and 2-1 are the same subchannel, some receivers(such as the DTC-100) see it as 50-2, some may see it as 50-1, either of which remap to 2-1.
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Maybe I am all screwed up. I have a Toshiba STB. When I punch in 50-1, it immediately switches to 2-1. When I punch in 50-2, it stays 50-2 with a picture of similar PQ as 2-1. That's what I was doing during the game and made me assume that they were multicasting, since I was seeing a picture on two different subchannels of 50.

What I didn't try was punching in 2-2 to see what happened.
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I don't think it's you that's "screwed up" -- This Channel remapping stuff can get complicated as different receivers seem to handle "stuff" a bit differently, and if you have a combo DirecTV/OTA receiver, the APG from direcTV can "think" a little differently about this stuff too.

I'm quite sure you're "actually" seeing the same "actual" subchannel whether you tune to, 50-1(2-1) or 50-2 but for whatever reason, your receiver, or the APG from DirecTV is doing something Funky ... It'll probably be "worked out" by either WDTN-DT folks(perhaps when they do add their 2nd SD subchannel it will "fix things") or when new Guide info for WDTN-DT from DirecTV is sent to your receiver.
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Originally posted by MNLang
As a cursory question to Paul (I am located in western Butler Twp), did you use a bowtie antennae at all when pulling in Dayton channels, or have you always used your outdoor CM? I do not really have the option of putting up an outdoor mast. This either leaves the attic or a bowtie. I was just curious on your experience since we are roughly in the same area.



Welcome to the forum!

I've always had an outside antenna. I purchased the CM in Sept. to replace a smaller antenna that came with the house. I would guess from your location you could receive all the Dayton stations with an attic mount or possibly a bowtie if you're lucky. Let us know how you make out with your reception.

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Thanks to WDTN for the Super Bowl in HD! Video was excellent. Definite audio sync problem though, as was the case for Mission Impossible the previous night.

Did anybody happen to catch the HD test stuff WDTN was running at 11:00 PM Saturday night? Beautiful! Older comercials and promo stuff for about 5 minutes, then they switched it back to the simulcast of the news. Bummer! They were just getting ready to show the space shuttle take off. I bet that would have looked nice.
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Yes! I agree. Oh, BTW, the Audio Sync was just fine last night for Alias via WDTN-DT.

I think you saw a portion of the "HD Test Loop" ABC sends out on their HD feed when they don't have programming, but last I heard, it isn't supposed to be broadcast. ABC themselves actually "messed up" one night a month+ back or so and switched to it right in the Middle of Alias!

I've seen other little bits of it before too on WCPO-DT, but I'd surely like to see the whole thing someday!
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Originally posted by zibs
Now that all of the major networks are broadcasting OTA in Dayton, does anyone know when Dayton TimeWarner Cable will begin to carry the HD versions of these networks?

That's the million dollar question! They're going to have to offer something competetive before I plunk down what they're asking for digital cable.
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Just noticed when tuning to 2News, WDTN-DT has now added the 2nd, SD subchannel. On the DTC-100, (with off air guides off), It's showing up as 50-3, and 50-2 is remapping to 2-2 on the HDV-420.
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Hello All. I thought I'd post an email I received from Jim Atkinson at WDTN just to keep you all posted in their progress:

Just a quick note to let you know that we now have 50-2(2-2) up in SD
at 4:3.

If you have watched 2News, you noticed that a blanking occurs whenever
the lower right "2" bug is inserted or removed. This problem is a
result of the the upconversion process. I am looking into keying this
bug in a different place in the signal chain which will bypass this key
from the digital input. For now, if you are watching 2News on 50-2, the
key will not cause the blanking as the signal goes directly to the
Maybe you have been watching when we were setting up some equipment by
broadcasting an HD test loop from ABC. I don't have a schedule as to
when ABC sends the test; but I will find out and let you know. I will
be using this test and thought you, or others, would like to use it

Thanks for watching,

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Time Warner now has NBC and FOX HD channels mapped out, but at least last night, I wasn't getting an HD signal -- has anyone else tried them yet?
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I'm also seeing these new Time Warner Cable stations:
Channel 722 WKEF HD
Channel 745 WRGT DTV

I'm seeing SD signals on these channels, but I haven't tuned in during an HDTV broadcast. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though.
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FOX doesn't do HD, at best, they do 480p Widescreen, more or less progressive scan DVD quality. What's even worse though, is that so far, WRGT-DT only does 480i 4x3 SD, not Fox Widescreen. Perhaps since they are now being carried on Cable, this will change.

Although "generally" WKEF-DT does a good job passing through NBC HD, they've been sporadic at it as of late. For instance Last night, there was no NBC HD from them, although WLWT-DT Cincinnati had the NBC HD shows, as is usual.

As for the other Dayton Digitals, Noticed that WHIO-DT has been off the air today, but they just came up in the last hour or so, they currently have CBS HD, and WDTN-DT has the ABC HD movie. Hopefully, TWC will add those two stations as well. Not sure what the TWC channels will be, but OTA WHIO-DT is on 41 (might remap on TWC to ??7, and WDTN-DT is on 50 (remaps to 2 on our OTA receivers, might remap to TWC channel ??2)

Update: 9:10pm - Noticed once again, WKEF-DT doesn't have L&O(SVU?) in HD, although WLWT-DT does. Just wondering, are you getting NBC HD via Dayton TWC?

Welcome to the Forum,

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Time Warner channel 722 (labeled WKEF HD) is not yet HD tonight (Saturday) for Law & Order: SVU.
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Yes Jeff, my Time Warner observations are Dayton TWC South Suburbs.
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Thanks. I suppose they could be having a technical problem, but if not, Guess we'll have to start pestering them again, although all I really NEED to do is switch channels to the Cincinnati NBC DTV affiliate.
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Zibs - Can you tell me how the TW box hooks up to your set? Is it through the set's componet 1080i connections, or ? I'm curious. Are they going to charge extra for HD? Is their a webpage for this stuff? I fired TW last year because they seemed to be dragging their feet on the HD issue.


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This morning I sent a nice email to Dayton Daily News, asking them why they don't indicate the HD shows. I also asked them if they even knew about the existance of channels 41, 50, and 51. They call their Sunday TV supplement "Channels" but yet they don't even mention the three best looking channels in town! I think the press needs to tell the public more about the good stuff out there! If you want to email the DDN Channels editor, here is her email address: jennifer_peterson@coxohio.com

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Does anyone know when Dayton is going to have PBS and the WB HD channels?
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Time Warner will supply you an HD cable box at no charge. They just exchange your old box. Yes, the HD box has component outputs which connect to your HD compatible TV. To date, only HBO and Showtime HD are available. I only subscribe to HBO, so my only HD experience is with their HD channel, which is the same programming as the "main" HBO channel. There is no additional charge for the HD channels or HD box.

I would love to see them carry the local networks in HD, that way I wouldn't have to purchase an HD receiver and antenna. Also, I know my family would have trouble switching between the cable box and the HDTV receiver STB, in addition to my TV only having two component inputs (the second is being using for a progressive scan DVD player).

If someone would let me know when WKEF is back to broadcasting OTA in HD, I will check to see if the Time Warner channel is in HD.
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Originally posted by breedingamies
Does anyone know when Dayton is going to have PBS and the WB HD channels?

Looks like the digital stations should be on the air in May 2003, and that WBDT-DT won't have WB HD at first. There is more info farther back in this thread.
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Originally posted by zibs

If someone would let me know when WKEF is back to broadcasting OTA in HD, I will check to see if the Time Warner channel is in HD.


They have had HD in the last week or so, I'm not positive when the last time was, only that they didn't have HD last night, or Friday night. Unless they are having some sort of problem, It's quite possible someone there just forgot to "throw the proverbial HD switch", which is why it is sometimes helpful(In addition to being a PITA for us when we are trying to watch TV!) to call the station/etc. and remind them.

According to NBC's schedule, Everything from NBC tonight from 8-11pm should be HD, so you might want to check it out :


Update: I sent WKEF/WRGT's Chief engineer a note, asking him about the recent "loss" of NBC HD from WKEF-DT, as well as when WRGT-DT will have Fox Widescreen. If I hear anything back from him, I'll post info.
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Just want to confirm what you guys are saying. I'm in Centerville with Time Warner. I see the HD WKEF and WRGT channels on the box, but I like you, still no confirmed HD (or even "Fox widescreen") through either of them. As Zibs requested, Nitewatchman, if you could drop a post on here when you start getting something OTA on WKEF, we'd appreciate it. I'll flip around tonight and check if I get any HD.
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Sorry guys,

As of 8:37pm, No HD from WKEF-DT for American Dreams tonight, It looks good in HD though from WLWT-DT Cincinnati. I'd guess that if/when WKEF-DT does do HD again, You'll see it via cable just as we do OTA. The cableco should get the same signal we OTA viewers do, whether it be OTA or via Fiber at the Cableco Headend.

I did notice that HD listings no longer show up on TitanTV(I *think* they used to) for WKEF-DT, although they do for WLWT-DT. That might not mean much though, since TitanTV HD listings are often inaccurate.

As I mentioned earlier, if/when I get a response from them on this issue, I'll let you know. Can't hurt for more of you guys to contact the station so they know I'm not one of three out here as well.


Another thought, just making sure, but I am assuming that you TWC guys are getting the 4x3 programming from WRGT/WKEF, in WKEF's case, 4x3 SD upconverted to 1080i with Black bars on the sides of the 4x3 frame on a 16x9 screen?


I've yet to see Fox Widescreen from WRGT-DT since they came on the air 5/1/2002. "Currently" they do 480i 4x3 SD only. Unfortuntely, this means we have to rely on WXIX-DT Fox Cincinnati for Fox Widescreen, which they have had troubles with at times. They did have Fox News Sunday in Widescreen this morning, and it looks like they have things "set" correctly for tonight.

It often seems strange to me that "coincidences" often seem to happen in the HD world, such as TWC in Dayton first adding 2 stations which aren't "currently" doing HD, or Fox widescreen for that matter, while the other Two Dayton Stations are very reliable about HD, currently.
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Yes Jeff, I'm getting 4x3 SD converted to 1080i on my widescreen on both the WKEF and WRGT Time Warner channels.
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Jeff, do you have any suggestions for email addresses or telephone contacts for pestering WKEF/WRGT?
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