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Back in NJ  

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I just moved back to Bridgewater NJ from Florida. I got all the major channels in HDTV there. From what I have heard, there is no HDTV NBC or ABC right now because of 9/11. Does anyone know when they are going to be up again? Also, is PBS broadcasting in digital in NJ and if so where is it coming from... I'm assuming Trenton. One more thing... does anyone in NJ get HD through Cablevision? I know people in LI do if they live near a WIZ. I live fairly close to one so I was wondering if I might get lucky. Thanks.
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From my understanding some of the stations are trying to make a deal to piggyback onto CBS so they can broadcast as well.

There is a PBS being broadcast out of trenton. There was one at the WTC as well, and I think there is one out of brooklyn, but it is very low signal so unless you are right there your not going ot get it.

As far as cablevision goes the only thing I can suggest is to plug the cable wire into your reciever and do a scan. If you find something great, if not then your not going to get anything. They used to have a bunch of channels up for free that you could watch, but they have since removed it for most of us, and they are planning on eventually rolling out HD.
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I suggest you try and pick up the Philly stations from Bridgewater. I live in Bridgewater and have a 100 inch UHF Yagi antenna in my attic (townhouse) and I am able to pick up ABC, CBS, FOX and NJN. Once NBC get a real transmitter (they are currently broadcasting off a side of a building) I expect to pick them up as well. I believe the UPN and WB affilates have filed for an extension.

When I first moved to this area I tried to get the NY stations (pre Sept 11) and didn't have much luck. Once I turned the antenna to Philly I was able to pick up stuff fairly easily.

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Do a search for Jersey and you'll find many people in your area picking up Philly with the right equipment.

Good luck, and welcome back to Jersey!
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