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JVC DLA-X3 emitter problem

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This should be easy right? Has anyone else had a problem getting a DLA-X3 projector emitter (PK-EM1) to work? Directions are simple: turn off projector, plug in emitter, turn on proj thats it.

I have an Oppo BDP-95 playing a 3D movie with 3D playback chosen that is plugged from HDMI out1 directly into proj input1 displaying a 3D image on screen and I'm wearing these ridiculous JVC glasses (PK-AG1) and no 3D. I tried 3D Picture Mode on proj also and no change. So I grabbed iPhone camera and pointed at emitter to see if it was emitting and nothing- regular remote control IR can be seen through camera so know trick is working.

So I guess I'm asking is there any setting or way to make the emitter emit? or has anyone else had this problem and had to get a new emitter or some other fix?

Thanks for any help.
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Looks like I'm stuck with broken emitter from lack of responses- appreciate people taking a look though
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Don't usually check out this thread but sure the emitter is plugged in before the projector is on.

Are u aiming the emitter at the screen. I know I had some issues but it all works now.

If its not working then the emitter may be a dud
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