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thanks n8 and mr. hurd. if you were limited to rattle cans (i know, i know, less than ideal) and wanted to get a reasonably good black mirror finish, how would this change? also, what causes the dreaded orange peal? too thick of a coat that dries too fast or something else?

Well, like mike and passing interest have said, for the price of a cheap gun, it should be a serious consideration over doing it with rattle cans. Orange peel is caused by tons of different thing. Temp, application (to thick or uneven coats) the surface you are spraying onto, what product you use and the list goes on. The steps would be the same, you'd just be using a rattle can instead of a spray gun. The product that is in cans is pretty crappy especially the clear coat. It would double or triple your work time for sure. Thats not to say it's can't be done but I can't imagine doing it that way lol
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The sub has been serving our family very well, and almost everyone who's visited has been quite impressed by the demo.
I really did not wanted a classy Ferrari or a Porsche finish on this sub, it was never meant to be a luxury car, I just wanted it to be presentable cos this was to be sitting in the main room. I just did not wanted something huge sitting in the living room with industrial paint all over it. I have moved the sub to a better location, and mostly out of view, but still if anyone looks over, they do realize its something gorgeous, and not cheezy, the orange peel is visible only when direct sunlight or high halogen is beamed on an object, but in this case.. i cannot complain. Its just a good deal i got out of the cabinet maker, and Steve did a good job.

However on a side note, i am not very happy with the Dayton SA1000 amp that i have attached to the sub (I know its an over kill), but i wanted a rack mounted amp and more importantly the auto turn off feature when the sub is not i use, and auto turn on when in use.
The reason being, i am using a Denon 4311CI AVR, and Audyssey XT32 does not do justice to the equalization, I was told that Dayton SA1000 and Audyssey XT32 dont go well with horn subwoofers.
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