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Sony D50HTU adjustment

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I am having a little problem with my blue crt on my sony d50htu. I pulled the projector out of storage and I am setting it up again. I have the original remote and manuals. During the setup the blue crt was the last to dial in. Green and red alligned without issue. The blue test pattern is not completely showing up on the phosper face. One side of the hatch is completely off the edge and cannot be seen. I looked at the tube face with sunglasses on to verify the problem. The lenses are hd145 delta's. Any help would be appreciated.
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not sure if those have a width coil that control the master width or not. I had an old 1031 that had to be tweeked to get the width right. I think my Dwin had width coils but I never had to mess with them....

Did you reset the projector from scratch when you pulled it out of the closet? Mabe its still set up from a previous settings that you should delete and start again.
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Thanks for the reply, I don't believe I need to actually adjust the magnets on the yoke. I believe it is either a blanking issue or more simply a misalignment on the initial CRT conversion angle. Tied together with the centering on initial setup.
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Well hey Eric, since you apparently have all the answers, why post looking for assistance? Vic happens to know his stuff, but apparently you know better.
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Be nice curt!!
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