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Snoop Dogg Digs TD10, Stereo 3D

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Shot with Sony TD10, edited in PPro (MVCtoAVI+Cineform Neo), in-camera audio cleaned up a bit in post using Audition (very noisy environment- boom shotgun mic would have been helpful), minor color correction.
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John- either something is wrong with your edit work flow or your TD-10 needs to be recalibrated. I'm seeing lots of ghosts in your video.

I checked out one of your other videos-- E3 2011 - Stereo 3D Highlights - Akumira Anaglyph and it was perfect. Very clean so I'll let you figure out what was different. Hopefully, you just need to recalibrate your TD-10. Mine warns me when there is a problem.
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Gotta love Snoop Dogg, he seems so down to earth and funny
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Hey Don- are you seeing Ghosting on Youtube using Youtube's Color Anaglyph? If so, did you try Optimized (Dubois - Least Squares optimization)?

If you still see ghosting, you are seeing the limits of traditional Color Anaglyph (and the slight improvement with Dubois).

If you turn off 3D, you won't see any double images, which would indicate a source-material crosstalk problem (not a problem here). So the problem of using color anaglyph is related to source colors & filtering and high-contrast large separation areas.

Akumira is a proprietary process (running as a C++ plugin in PPro & Photoshop) I developed in 2000 (filed and prosecuted a patent on it for 10 years; after no commercial interest, let the patent go abandoned which prevents the patent application form being published: process remains secret). Akumira creates color anaglyph as perfect as they can be, given the constraints of color filtered stereoscopy.

Can you try watching on a 3D TV which can handle youtube side-by-side?

The audio isn't really up to my standards; was going to do another edit but need to get some high priority projects done first. Released this version as it is still entertaining to see Snoop's antics in 3D (edited a couple months ago). Something else I could try for a new edit (in addition to improving the audio) would be to optimize the parallax a bit to help reduce ghosting on devices/modes which have crosstalk.

Bravia3D- yeah, hadn't met Snoop before- he's fun to work with.
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I'll have a look, John on my Vizio passive monitor. I did just glance at it on my computer monitor in anaglyph which on most video 3D YT stuff looks good ( unless someone didn't do it right) Why I thought an advisory was needed. especially since the other clip I saw you did looked much better. I can see, from your description you probably don't use any standard Op procedure and are always experimenting so it's hard to tell what is what with your videos. I'll have a look again and get back to you in a few minutes. I'm just finishing up a rendering on that equipment now.
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John- Same ghosting with the Vizio. I think, based on the video you have with the unboxing of the Yamaha AVR that your TD10 probably isn't calibrated for auto 3D or you are in manual mode and the manual isn't tracking your camera to subject distance properly, especially when you change distance. You should double check the TD10 3D calibrate again. Easiest thing to do at this point.
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Hey Don- thanks for the feedback. I may need to send the TD10 in for repair: even with the bar all the way at the top, autocalibration fails on a tripod. Will try again handheld (last time it worked was handheld). The right lens has had a focus issue from day 1 (didn't return it as I figured it was due to compression method).

I can adjust the separation in post to minimize ghosting. Looks like the problem is too much negative parallax. I can push everything back (and crop/autocrop) which will minimize the maximum pixel separation.
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