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ARC - Audio Return Channel Questions (Pioneer/Samsung)

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I recently purchased a new TV (Samsung PN59D8000) and replaced my with a new one (Pioneer VSX-33).

I set the system up the "old fashion" way...running the components through the AV-Receiver. Then found that I can use the ARC channel through the Pioneer Control HDMI.

So - I ran things like this

HDMI 2 (arc) --> Pioneer HDMI 1 out (control)

BD = PS3
HDMI1 = DirecTV HR22
HDMI2 = GoogleTV

Problem: No matter what the source is - I only receive 2.0 (Stereo) sound.

If I connect the components directly, I can get Digital/HD sound.

Am I missing something? Is there something configured wrong with the TV or Receiver? I have read many people claiming the same thing, but no solution found. I have read the HDMI 1.4 specs - and it mentions nothing about only sending 2.0 sound.

I like the ARC set up, it works quicker and simplifies the remote control

I have a logitech harmony one - but the VSX-33 codes are wrong.

Any help would be great.
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What source are you trying to pass from the TV via ARC? Netflix? Pandora? Hulu? If the source audio isn't DD 5.1, the TV won't pass DD 5.1.
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I am trying to pass bluray, directv, pc via HDMI+ARC.. Things that I know are 5.1+

I can disconnect the Bluray (while playing a DTSHD Movie) from the Receiver, connect it to the TV and use ARC, and when the inputs are changed - I only receive 2.0 sound.

When I check the status of the bluray - it still says DTSHD (and I only hear 2.0 sound).
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If you have your sources connected to the AVR (which you imply and as they should be) then there's no need for the ARC feature which only passes audio from the TV back to the AVR.
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That's the "work-around" ...and preferred way - but if something is not passing 3D correctly (like DirecTV) ..then it would require being directly connected to the TV, not the AVR.

So...connecting it to the TV and running ARC to the AVR only provides 2.0 audio...even when I know there's 5.1.
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This is a problem with your TV. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the TV.
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You're right - it is how it's designed.

ARC is not made to connect components to the TV and have the sound route to the receiver.... it is made so you can watch ATA signals and not have to run a toslink cable... (!?) I understand the OTA is big in Japan and Cities - but for us folk who live in the woods have to rely on other sources.

Kind of the like Samsung's implementation of PiP...WHY CAN I ONLY WATCH OTA! I am quite disappointed with the D8000 series of Samsung...

Picture is great...additional features are lacking...and implementation seems unfinished and not thought out.
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ARC is simply a cable saver. It enables you to use the same HDMI connection from the AVR to the TV to feed audio from the TV instead of installing a separate optical or coax cable. The functionality of the ARC connection is no better or worse than what you would get from an optical or coax connection.

Most TVs only pass stereo from external HDMI devices such as disc players, set top boxes, and game consoles. Some TVs will pass DD 5.1 from those connections. But, none do DTS. ARC is really only useful if you use an off air antenna for TV reception and for sources that are acquired by the TV, such as Netflix streaming. But, with streaming, you are limited to stereo unless the source offers DD 5.1. Most do not.

If you need to attach a device to the TV in order to get 3D, then run a separate optical or coax connection from the device to the AVR for audio.
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