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BD-RW Sound problem on HTPC

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I have a HTPC with a Samsung SH-BL123L Combo (DVD+BR RW); internal.

When watching a DVD, all is well. I just popped in a Blu-Ray movie (X-Men First Class). There was normal sound until the movie began; when there was very little sound for 1:46 minutes, then there was not sound at all.

While researching the FAQs and KBs on their website, I confirmed that all the drivers are up to date and the hardware is installed properly. Also, there doesn't seem to be a more recent firmware than the one I have.

I contacted Samsung through their website. I doubt I will get a response anytime soon.

If anyone has had a similar issue and has any suggestions, it would be most welcome.

Thank you.
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What video card are you using?

I suspected my BD Player when in fact it was the video card and driver.

I have Liteon Blu-Ray drive and I tried a LG and the problem did not go away.

I went to a dedicated Sound Card, off loading the sound from my video card, and every problem went away.

If you aren't using a video card, then this tip won't help.
But if you are, try this.

See if your Blu-Ray Player software lists your video card and mother board sound chip as two possible choices of sound devices. Pick your motherboard sound chip instead of your video card. Play the same movie. The sound won't work because it's not plugged into your speakers.

But if it is your video card, this trick takes the sound task off the video card, leaving only video.

In my case the weird colors I was getting on a Star Wars Blu-Ray completely cleared up.

I concluded that my video card, or video drivers, couldn't handle both video and sound properly. So I installed a dedicated sound card. (my mother board didn't have the proper jacks to match to my receiver, the sound card did, Fiber Optic)

After I did this every video and sound problem cleared up.
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Some more info would be really helpful. How are you sending your sound to the receiver? HDMI, spdif? Are you using a sound card, or onboard, or from the video card over HDMI. What motherboard, video card, and sound card are you using?
Operating system?

And to BillS22, that is great, but you cannot get HD-audio such as Dolby True-HD or DTS-HD Master via optical or coax digital cable, it can only go over HDMI. If your vid card couldnt handle simply passing through the sound, I suspect that there are some driver issues there.
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You mentioned normal sound before movie begins - what does work. Does it play YouTube, local files (MKV, etc) normally?
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I built a HTPC. The motherboard is an ASUS P8H67-LE and the BD-RW is the Samsung SH-B123L.

I have since contacted Samsung and had them replace the drive.

Oddly enough they sent me a B002 as a replaement to my B 003. The difference is just the firmware of the drive when it is boxed. I have also updated it to the B003.

I have checked the (internal motherboard) audio cable. It is connected to the digital PIN on the ASUS board (thanks ASUS for the free support).

The HDMI cable has been swapped with my cable box and then also with my XBOX. I don't see any issues in my cable box or XBOX.

My Denon AVR is working fine when switching to my Cable, XBOX, PS3. It also works fine when I view DVDs or use my Windows MC to watch shows, YouTube, Hulu, Zinc.TV, Boxee, etc.

There are no more BIOS or driver updates for my ASUS board.

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