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The ReplayTV 5000 series works easily with the Comcast DTA-- with two caveats.

To use a Replay TV 5000 series with a Comcast DTA you need to:

1. Get a Motorola-branded DTA from Comcast. The model number is model DTA100/2305/000

2. Obtain on eBay a "Tivo to Comcast DTA" cable from Gary Gray. He markets it as a TiVo cable but it works perfectly with a Replay TV-- at least the 5000 series. His eBay user name is g-gray. Just search for him and you'll find the cable. Make sure you get the "TiVo to Comcast DTA Cable", not his other cable which costs a few dollars more.

3. With this setup, the Replay TV works fine in concert with the Comcast/Motorola Digital Transport Adapter, using the default Motorola IR code-- no software modification is necessary for the Replay TV.

Long Live Replay TV!