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hello im new to all this 3d hd stuff and need some help. here is my situation.I have some 3d and hd movies on my computer in mkv format and would like to watch them on my 3d lg 50pz550 tv. I have tried using a wd my book essentals 1.5 tb hard drive and pluging it into the tv usb port but some of the movies are constatnaly pixelating or the sound wont keep up with the video. (im guessing the 2.0 usb connection is to slow right?)

next i tried using the ps3 media server but this way the movies just kept stuttering. some much worse than others.I have a quad core computer with i think 2 gigs of memory (im guessing the verizon fios 25mbs internet capabilities i have are not enough right?)

PS these movies play fine on my computer on my normal hd or the wd my book essentals.

so my question is what is the best way to play these movies on my tv? if i buy any other HD that has a usb port will i get the same results? do they make HD drives with hdmi output and would that be better? what is my best option?

please help