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Creating a Audio DVD...?

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Hello everyone,

I expect some help making, HQ simple audio DVD's.
In spite of endless googling, I couldn't figure it out myself so turned up her for help.

What I am trying to do is, make some high quality audio DVD's. With high quality I don't mean that fancy, 5.1 channel or surround sort of thing. I am simply try to figure out a way-out, to make highest quality possible, audio DVD's from HD video captured on my HDD.

Here let me make it more simple :

1) I have(captured) some HD video to my HDD.
2) The captured video is simple Voice or song(s).
3) I want to make a highest quality possible audio DVD out of these (playable on most DVD players), similar to Audio CD's.
4) I am well aware of the extracting audio from the video.
5) I could not figure out, what could be the best possible audio format (bit-rate, kHz sorts of things), I can put on a DVD.
6) Which software to use, though know, quite a number Video DVD author software's.

Any sort of help is appreciated.

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A standard DVD with multi-channel audio would be your AC3 track, I believe highest bitrate support is 392 or something. So once you have an audio.ac3 file(s), use that to author your DVD. I use dvdlabpro, fully functional 30-days trial, lots of functionality (not that u sound u need it) but also means not restricted should u have the desire. Intuitive enuff for a geek like me.
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