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Advice? I have just purchased a 2002 Toyota Highlander with a stock Audio system that sounds poor, to put it nicely.

I want to replace the stock head unit and all speakers. I want high-fidelity, accurate, natural sound. Advice?

I currently have a Clarion APA5241 5-channel amp (year model 1999, 35W x 4, 100W to sub, THD 0.04%) that is generally enough power for me, and I would like to re-use it. ,Unless it is strongly suggested to do otherwise.
Links to online manual.

I currently have an Image Dynamics 10 dual voice-coil subwoofer in a box that I plan to re-use.

The stock front speaker arrangement is component separate tweeter (mounted high on door-panel), and a ~6.5 speaker at the bottom.
I'm interested in surface mount, dome-type tweeters.

The stock rear speakers, 6.5, are mounted low-only at the bottoms of the rear passenger seat doors.
I'm thinking of converting these two separate components with surface mounted tweeters up high.

Stock unit is a large double-din? unit. I'm fine to replace it with a thinner unit, but with a very good, factory-looking adapter kit.
I want the replacement to have a volume knob, CD player, Pre-amp outputs, and aux-inputs for MP3 player.
I would like for it to be able to play Pandora radio, but I'm not sure how that works, and if it is work much extra cost.