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Panasonic tm900 understanting manual exposure

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Hi everyone,

2 concerns about manual settings of tm900.


the manual says that if setting both the shutter & iris, then there is an order, shutter first, then iris.
so effectively, every time the shutter option is selected in the manual, the exposure of the iris changes automatically.

by default, the camera acts in shutter speed priority mode.
also what happens is, if you set the shutter speed without setting the iris, then the iris continues to change automatically as you point the camera to brighter / darker areas.

any ideas why? it seems a bit tricky, and though hardly mentioned quite important i would think.


the white balance setting. under auto white balance, it changes during recording all the time depending on the areas you point at. i can't imagine that this is ever desired. but i've noticed that the other white balance settings are often limited and doesn't get the setting right.

so as i see it, i have no choice but to pick some hard white balance setting, even if its off, and then correct in post?

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1) I call this semi manual mode. I prefer to set the shutter speed myself, and let the camera set the iris... so this is great imo. If you don't like this, then just set the iris first, and the shutter speed, and it will be locked

2) As for the WB, you have to set it manually for it to stay on one setting... the WB is good on this cam so I haven't had any issues
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How do i set it manually (which setting is for using a white piece of paper) ? Could you explain it please.
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You have got exposure setup right. It is either auto, shutter priority (locked shutter), or both shutter and iris locked. This is how Panasonic has always done it. I don't use auto wb, I use either presets and correct in post, or use manual balance. Read user's manual for details.
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