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Battlefield 3

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Since the beta is over, I am starting a BF3 thread. Here is vid from IGN on BF3 MP.

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I'm definitely not buying until I know the graphical glitches are solved on ATI cards.
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Originally Posted by DaveFi View Post

I'm definitely not buying until I know the graphical glitches are solved on ATI cards.

I actually had very few issues with BF3 beta other then the server connection probms. I only had the occasional screen flashes and some animation issues with the engine (not vid card related). At least I didn't get the total black screen that get with BFBC2 sometimes. Other then that it ran well with my ATi cards (three 5870s). My nephew also mention he had the same issues as I did on his Xbox360 beta.
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A $42 pre-order special is up at Amazon for a digital copy of the game. It comes with the bonuses that will cost you if you don't order early:


Pre-order Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition and receive the Amazon exclusive Dog Tag Pack for multiplayer use as well as the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion pack for free. The expansion includes four legendary maps from Battlefield 2 boldly re-imagined in the Frostbite 2 engine, as well as Battlefield 2 weapons, vehicles, and unique rewards. The code to access the exclusive content will be emailed to you the day your order is ready for download.


DICE says don't judge betas as demos:


I had a chance to talk with Battlefield 3's executive producer, Patrick Bach. He was a pleasure to speak with, refreshingly frank about the game's development process, the challenges faced in making an ambitious multiplayer game like Battlefield 3, and even the technical difficulties they were having with the PC version that day. We talked for a while about the public reaction to the beta, which has been mixed.

Kotaku: So, how has it been, hearing some of the negative feedback from the Beta?

Patrick Bach: The only thing we can do is tell people that: "These are the things we have fixed since the beta." And also based on the feedback from the beta. But other than that… you need to let people play it. The problem with having a beta is that you hand out a product that is not done. Deliberately. You do it because you want to get feedback on not only what the players think, but also on how things are holding up, what can we read from the network traffic, how is everything holding up, how are all of the systems that are brand new holding up. You could argue that maybe we shouldn't do a beta."

It's a double-edged sword.

If we don't do [a beta], then we might have problems day one. So the only way to ensure that we have less problems day one is to have a beta. But if you have a beta (laughs) people will hate you, and think that you're stupid.

We get complaints like, "How can you guys miss obvious things like A, B, and C?" And we didn't miss it. We just weren't done with it. But we had to get it out so that we get results back, so we can fix it. The lead time when you do a beta is actually pretty long. You need to go through certification on consoles, and do a lot of things before you get it out. And since you want to get it out on all three platforms at the same time to avoid further whining… (chuckles)… it takes as long as the longest platform certification time.
"This was a real beta, and I don't think people are used to it. They get the product, and they think, "you have to entertain me," because it's an entertainment product."

How long is that?

Around a month and a half. Which means that when we're done with that beta, we say "Okay, this is it. Now let's go back and finish the game." When we got to the point [six weeks later] that we actually released the beta, the game was in completely different shape. We couldn't really tell people because then we'd have to go through the process again.

It sounds like certification hobbles the beta process somewhat.


What's a way to make that better in the future?

One way of fixing the problem is… don't make betas. At least not open betas. Because often when you see betas, sometimes they are actually demos. But they call it a beta, to sound cool. This was a real beta, and I don't think people are used to it. They get the product, and they think, "you have to entertain me," because it's an entertainment product.

And it's like, "Well, it's a broken entertainment product, because we want your feedback." And they say, "Well, I understand that, but it's not polished enough!" And we say, "Well, that's exactly what we're talking about!"

So the challenge is: listen, but don't overreact. Understand that people are disappointed, but that you have to do it.

Or, don't do it. Don't make a beta. At least not an open one.

And just do closed testing.

But that's hard as well. We had an alpha as well, that was much worse.

Did any of that leak to the public?

Yes, it always does. And people complain about that as well, but it wasn't as many people. It wasn't such a big hassle. Now, it's a big thing, people make videos of it and we say, "yeah, thank you; we know, we know."

And what you're playing today [at this media event], except for the stability issues, the game doesn't have those issues anymore. It should be more or less 99% mitigated.

Yeah, other than the stability it runs fine. I'm not seeing too many in-game bugs.

But then of course, we do have those stability issues. And other frustrations.

Right, seems like there's always going to be some problem or another. So after it launches, you'll be looking at those things and updating the game?

Absolutely. Patching of this game and updating, if it's Battlelog or the core game, that's a big, long-term engagement. We really want to stay in the game post-launch. From an economic standpoint, that's not the cleverest thing to do, but that's not why we make games. We want to make games that we can be proud of, and releasing a game of this magnitude; it's quite a big game.

We know that we won't hit 100% at launch. We won't be able to say "It's perfect." Better to release it than to wait another year. Release it, and make sure we follow up on it. We've been shipping so many Battlefield games that we know that people will keep playing it. If it's good enough, they'll keep playing it.

I still play Bad Company 2.

But it wasn't great on day one. People hated it on day one. It was a complete disaster, according to the forums, it was the crappiest game ever. And then we patched it and fixed some issues. And now it's like some people think it was perfect from day one. It was the best game ever! Why can't Battlefield 3 be perfect from day one. But I mean [Battlefield 3 ] is much better today day one than Bad Company 2 was day one.

What did you think of the reaction to the beta for Bad Company 2? Was that beta feedback the same?

It was the same, just smaller. "It was the worst game ever." So we're used to it, but now it's blown out of proportion because there I think six times the amount of people playing the beta as we had in Bad Company and it's the same problems. They say the same things, "You're stupid," "We hate you,"

And we're like… "Sorry!
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So anyone still preorder the game? I picked it up on Origin. I can't hold out for Steam to get it. If EA somehow allows them to distribute it I will pick it up and use the Origin copy on my other computer when friends come over.
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I cancelled my order on origin just in case steam gets it. If they don't, no big deal, I have a 25% off for use in the origin store, so it will be cheaper anyways
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I still have my pre with Origin. I just do not think it will be on STEAM, and neither will Mass Effect 3. That is unless Origin turns into a real POS (MS Live?). EA prob put a lot of effort into Origin to have it fail.
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I for one cannot wait for this game. Basically upgraded my current PC just for this game. Now, to only find a good deal on the game without the digital download feature...
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Definitely a technological marvel.

Just Cause 3 would be well served by the Frostbite 2 engine and much of the graphical assets used by DICE.
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Cant wait for the Battlefield 2142 sequel.
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sweet just started my preload install, can't wait for tuesday!!!
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Wow. Simply amazing.

The only reason I'm not pre-ordering right now is that ATI's newest drivers are a mess, otherwise I'd be all over this. (last time I go with ATI I think).
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The release date can't come soon enough, even if it is just to no longer hear that obnoxious trailer music.
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Funny BF3 music vid

Here is a funnier one not BF3 but still funny...

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Hahaha! I love that Campers be Warned video. This game is going to exposing all those weak players with destructive environments, team-tactics, vehicles and much more.
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Man Origin really wants me to preload BF3 they spammed my mailbox with 5 e-mails today.
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Originally Posted by binici View Post

Hahaha! I love that Campers be Warned video. This game is going to exposing all those weak players with destructive environments, team-tactics, vehicles and much more.

It does not matter since I will pink mist you at 800 yards....campers rule...
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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post

It does not matter since I will pink mist you at 800 yards....campers rule...

I will be sure to get the spot assist, after they hunt you down
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Originally Posted by WiseGuy2k7 View Post

I will be sure to get the spot assist, after they hunt you down

Never the same place twice...at 800 yards you wouldn't even know I was even there...:. Esp if I figure out how the scope glint works (which I think I know).
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TV trailer released. Commence the dropping of jaws now.

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Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

TV trailer released. Commence the dropping of jaws now.

Most of that was real BTW.
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About 50%. They mostly go back and forth from one to the other. While it is easy to tell the real from graphics, the visuals still look fantastic. We are maybe five years away from looks-completely-real being the standard.
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I hope with the new GPU's on the horizon, ray tracing could be implemented without the frame rate super crash that we are getting now.
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Reviews are starting to roll in. For the most part they all say "The single player is trite, uninspired crap!! Engine and clipping bugs are readily available for all to experience! 9/10 A-!!!1". My god gamez journalisming is horrible.

Yes, just like Bad Company 2 and 1943, it will launch tomorrow in a pretty sorry state, but probably be pretty well patched up by mid-November, and hopefully with the same level of free additional content that Bad Company 2 offered us over the life of the product.

I hope none of you are looking forward to an overly enjoyable experience with the game tomorrow. Please adjust your expectations accordingly. I would like nothing more than for DICE to prove me wrong on this one, but their track record skews heavily toward "rushed crap patched up in a month", which the reviews so far look to agree with.

That of course doesn't stop them from slapping on a score of "Amazing" at the end of the review though, does it?
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Oh man. Reviewers are doing some serious "maek poast" today. Here's Gamespy's gem:

"With the difficulty set to hard, passing through certain sections is often more a case of luck than skill, and I was saddened to see the designers fall back on ye olde "invisible tripwire stops infinitely respawning enemies" trick. It's not that it's a bad campaign, it's just that it's merely good, rather than brilliant."

"It's no exaggeration to say that BF3's online mode is close to perfection, but it's missing a couple of key features that I hope Dice will correct in future patches. The lack of any in-game VOIP makes team co-ordination impossible unless you're playing with a bunch of psychics, while the command rose is next to useless. Where's the bail-out button, and why can't people see me flashing on the map or hear me over the radio when I use it?"

"5/5 - Outstanding!"
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Gametrailers HD review

First reviews are PC versions this time around. It's averaging over 9.0. The single player in the BF has never been all that good, it's the multiplayer that everybody wants.

Hopefully AMD will have all the bugs worked out by next month sometime.
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It is a shame to see that the single-player experience isn't all that good and essentially aspires to be Modern Warfare. Oh well, this game might get me back into playing multiplayer on a significant basis.
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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the campaign. I really liked BC2's campaign, and now they seem to back-up and go and make BF3 a MW wannabe. I'll play it, but it only lasts ~6hrs anyways.

Also, most of the reviews are saying it's rather buggy. I'll wait a bit before I buy. I'm playing AC: Brotherhood right now. Talk about a deep single player game...
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ugghh why cant they just unlock the PC version early.. I dont get to play according to Origin till 1am tommorow. I see theres guys from other countries streaming online gameplay already. Oh well gotta keep reminding myself its just a game.. just a game.

If anyone wants to check out the streams goto http://www.twitch.tv and type in the search.
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