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Pioneer VSX-920

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I just recently started having a problem with the audio and/or video from my Pioneer VSX-920. I have a Samsung HDTV, and PS3 hooked up to it. If I bypass the receiver and plug directly into the TV I have no problems. I sent the receiver to an Authorized Pioneer shop to fix. First I called Pioneer and they said it was the HDMI board, would need replaced. The shop got a new HDMI board and installed it and it was still doing the same thing, so they told Pioneer who told them it must be another BAD board and they'll send them another one. While I'm waiting for them to get the new board, the shop tells me they don't think that is the problem? So I call Pioneer and tell them this is ridiculous, the shop has had my receiver for over a month now and I want a NEW comparable receiver and they tell me they have to exhaust ALL other avenues first. This is ridiculous, has anyone else had HDMI board problems with this receiver??
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I can't use the receiver for 3D, it worked once early on then stopped. If I bypass the receiver there is no problem, tried multiple players and cables, no go. It was a month and a week out of warranty and they could do nothing. They wanted to replace the HDMI board. Without them picking up the tab I'd rather use the money for a newer receiver.
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I am experiencing very poor audio from HDMI sources through my Pioneer VSX-920. Audio through iPod and CD player remain excellent. Audio problem is most pronounced on ABC programing (all broadcasters set up there sound differently) making ABC un-listenable. Audio problems also occur on other programing sources (HBO, other networks) through the DirecTV receiver, and also the Blu-Ray player. The common denominator would seem to be HDMI processing in the Pioneer receiver. If so, I'll likely take this as a clue that I should move back up to a better brand (NAD, Marantz, or at least Denon). My advice to you is that the Pioneer is probably not worth the time/money for a repair. Maybe if you're still under warranty you could hang in there.
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I know this is quite an old thread now, but a friend has just handed me a VSX-920 receiver that was having audio/video problems - sometimes video would work, sometimes the audio work, sometimes both. This is through the HDMI.

Is a replacement HDMI board likely to correct the problem? I took the board out and Google'd the P/N on it with no results.

I don't want to put another board in if it might not work.

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