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iRule and Global Cache Question.

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Please forgive me for being a complete noob. I'm trying to switch over from using Harmony 1110 to irule to control my devices.

I've read up on irule and needing some sort of device called global cache to control devices. Here is my setup...can someone point me to what global cache hardware I would need:

All my devices (DVD, HTPC, projector, buttkicker and AV receiver) are in one room (my home theater). My computer and wireless router are in another room (Office). How can I setup global cache and yet have my devices in the theater be controlled by the GC in the office. How does this work and what GC would I need?
Also I'm planning on buying an ipad too.

So any help is greatly appreciated. Hope someone can help.

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Are you looking to control via IR, IP, or Serial? Do you have a hard-wire network connection at your equipment?

I have had excellent results with the NetGear Powerline Network Adapter for my Sonos and a remote printer. I would think if should work with iRule if you can't get a hard connection to your equipment.

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If you can get a wired ethernet connection to your equipment location, use the IP2IR device. Or you can use the wifi version if you don't have a hardwired port. The GC hardware does not need to be in your office. It just needs to be able to connect to your network.
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Hey Guys,

I don't have a hard wired connection near my equipment. My hard wired connection and wireless router are in my office. All the equipment is in the home theater. So looks like I need to get a wifi version.. I control all devices through IR. Is there any benefit to using Serial? Is it faster response?

I'll look into the Netgear equipment as well bentson. Thanks!
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There is a benefit to Serial, but it is not usually timing related. The main benefits are the hard wired connectivity which guarantees command receipt and the two way communication aspect which allows for feedback from the device (command confirmation or polls for variable states).
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