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Pioneer Projection monitor receiver.

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Hello AVS people!
I need some help with a pioneer SD-P503s CRT tv. i am aware its old. the MFG date on it is 1990. i called a local pro repair man, and he told me these are high end and usually so are the parts. Here is my problem: my convergence is adjustable, but its graph based, the blue green and red show up but you can only control red and blue. This happened when i went to the bathroom, for maybe a minute, and i come back and its on the config screen already messed up.

If you have a guess to what might be wrong, please do tell. sorry for the horrible description. that's why i will try to attach a screen shot of the tv.

The green should be aligned with the magenta and make white. but..its all messed up.

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Red convergence failure...

If you cant correct it then the convergence board is shot.

Very common in most all CRT Rear Pro TV's at about this age...

250 to 400 dollars to repair if your lucky to find parts.

Being a 4:3 aspect ratio TV Id say its time to not worrie about whats wrong with it and start looking for your new TV.

Weird though it did this all by its self....just try the red convergence adjustment as it looks like its the only thing screwed up....ONLY RED AND BLUE move green does not move as thats the reference point to align to.
If the adjustment doesnt work then go back to the top of this post and re read what I wrote and stop at the begining of these last two lines!
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