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Originally Posted by Stryker412 View Post

I have a badge but unfortunately the friends I was going to attend with had to cancel, and I can't afford a hotel room alone out there.

Hmm, hotel rooms can be real expensive in Vegas during big trade shows but you can try bidding on rooms via Priceline (I use the permutations algorithm to maximize the # of free rebids) or you could rent a cheapo car (which unfortunately will cost you) and stay further away such as downtown near Fremont Street, places like South Point or http://www.primmvalleyresorts.com/.

I've stayed a Bufflo Bill's (in Primm) before and it's ~45 min - 1 hour drive (because you'll hit traffic in the morning) to get to Bellagio. You can just drive into Bellagio, park there and take the free CES shuttles into the show. I've done this before when I drove to Vegas.

For those who missed the earlier deadline, there's another code that should work for free registration from http://mashbash.eventbrite.com/.
Are you in the CE industry? Register now for CES and receive FREE registration with priority code MASH12, by midnight, on December 1, 2011.

Ugh! I really want to go!
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A friend of mine works for Google so we might go together. Hoping it works out I REALLY want to go, and I hear the new XBOX might be announced at this year's CES.
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Originally Posted by AVS Notice View Post

CES January 2012 Anyone?

As the new year approaches, so does thoughts of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that is taking place January 10-13 in Las Vegas. http://www.cesweb.org/

So we thought we would take a quick poll to see if you might be going as AVSForum is considering returning to CES after not attending for a few years. And if we do, we surely may look to plan a get-together.

So please feel free to take part in the poll. It is free, we don't tax for it, and you really should have no ill affects from taking part in this poll. After all, you may just feel good knowing you helped us make up our minds about attending again.

Feel free to post your thoughts to this thread if you so choose.


Is there gonna be a get-together plan?

Please let us know ASAP, so we can plan our stay in Vegas and be able to attend the AVS gathering.

Thank You
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any news on the AVS get-together?
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Hey I'm going to my first CES this year and had a question. If I'm going to the show but did not get a booth, will I be able to bring and sell my product waking around?
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There is too much security. Besides, unless your product will fit in a briefcase or coat pocket, you would never get it in in the first place.
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and this is not the place to sell stuff
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NO ONE is selling any products directly on the floor. They will take orders.
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Thanks for the info
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Anyone looking for a roommate?
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Hi All...

The CES Party has been announced! Please see the following thread...

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Were there any good inexpensive led projectors shown at this years CES?
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If you want to have a peek of what's shown at CES at the Sony booth:

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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

If you want to have a peek of what's shown at CES at the Sony booth:
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huh? a bit late for 2012 CES, no?
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