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Total Home Automation

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I've been a member for a while and read a lot of what a lot of you have said. Now its my turn to put it in action.

I recently purchased a "smart" home at a deep discount with the following rooms:
  • Master Bed - TV
  • Master Bath -TV w/surround
  • Two Bedrooms - TV
  • Office - TV
  • Sitting Area - TV
  • Living room - TV w/surround
  • Basement Billards room - TV w/surround
  • Basememt Family room - TV w/surround
  • Basement Game room - TV w/surround
  • Outside Pool x2 - TV
  • Pool house lounge - TV w/surround

With the home purchase came the following centralized equipment:
  • Kscape server 1U
  • Kscape K5K Movie Player (1080i max)
  • Kscape K6K Movie Player (1080p max)
  • Kscape K4K Music Player (4 zones)
  • Crestron Pro2
  • Crestron Pro w/RF
  • Elan V85 component Switch
  • Key Digital KD-MSW8x4PRO
  • 4-SAT DVR's
  • 1-Blue-Ray Player
  • 9-HD LCD TV's 32" - 55" (in the rooms listed above)
  • Misc other RF remotes and small AV distrib. gear etc.

All the components are centrally located in a closet in a server rack. Cat5 drops are already in each room and component baluns are being used. Currently the setup uses the inputs of the TV's and Universal Remote Control (MX-350) macro programming to switch inputs and video. The crestrons don't appear to be used at all at this point.

I think I want to go HDMI to each room and use a HDMI matrix switcher/router. The previous owner pointed me to their installer who said that he stayed away from multi-room HDMI distributions due to the many handshake issues he's seen. What are your HW recommendations?

Ultimately, I want to control the HVAC in the house (all three), Garage doors, Security, Pool pumps, external lighting and irrigation via a central control point. I'd love to do all this via an app on my iPad, iTouch or iPhone. What are your recommendations on this.
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I would call in a crestron dealer. You can add the additional functionality without replacing the PRO2 processor.

Do you know what the purpose of the Crestron Pro w/RF is?

The previous dealer is correct. HDMI is a buggy unfinished technology. Up until last year i would have wanted to use component myself but now it's time to move to HDMI. I would suggest you use Crestrons HDMI solution. You may need to have additional cable pulled to each location. Room solution boxes at the TV end will simplify control wiring. There will be IR/RS-232 connections for your TV's at the room solution box.

iOS control is possible via the Crestron Mobile app's.
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+1, find a GREAT local Crestron installer

There are good and great installers. Check references.

I've read many good things of Blackwire Designs, but don't know them personally. They would be on your short list.
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They are not Crestron dealers.
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yikes, sorry, my bad; kevin at blackwire is a C4 guy

many to choose from in Phoenix, though
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I should have mentioned this earlier. I am from AZ, but this property is in Atlanta, GA. It will be a second home. My kid goes to school at Georgia Tech so we wanted to be close. Any local independant installers recommended?

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