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Hey folks, I'm trying to playback some *.m2ts files from (all the cool DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD demos) on my Samsung BD 6500 and LG 555.

I made a DVD-R AVCHD disc (which contain the *.m2ts files) and some clips play "choppy" on my LG Blu Ray player and most clips play choppy on my Samsung Blu-Ray player.

Is this choppy playback due to the bit rate and speed limitation of the laser reading the DVD-R? I have no problems with MKV, AVI, etc. playback via USB Flash stick or DVD-R.

I don't have a Blu Ray writer or I'd try that and I'm not sure how to make a USB AVCHD disc or get the *.m2ts files to play via USB. Any insight offered
is appreciated.