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Send 1 HDMI source to several TVs?

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I became very excited when I saw devices that represented they would send a single HDMI signal to multiple displays. This seemed to be the answer to all my problems - I have a home theater room with a Comcast DVR and I also have a 60 inch Sony rear projection also having a Comcast DVR.

My theory was that I would be able to see any programming in any room through the use of these repeaters and infrared to radio to infrared transmitter/receivers. Looked good on paper and should have worked but it didn't. The view HD one into 4 splitters that I purchased were extremely "squirrely". Had to send them back and am now somewhat apprehensive that this new technology has problems.

I suspect that the protection capabilities inherent within HD and the fact that Comcast frowns upon splitting their signal has a lot to do with the difficulties I experienced.

The devices that I tried were at least two years old and may not have been well implemented. Is anyone doing what I am trying to do successfully? Are there any resources that will bring me up to speed on the technical issues that got in my way? It also occurs to me that I may be pigheaded in that Comcast probably does a large part of what I want to do with their whole house service but this would not allow me to play a movie from my entertainment PC to a television in a remote part of the house.

I know that I have rambled a bit and I apologize for that but I would really appreciate enlightenment.
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The one way is using an HDMI Balun and running CAT6 to the rooms you want the HDMI in. This is kind of expensive though. Another way would be to put media centers in the rooms that you want, but this would also require a DVR that could be viewed and played over the network. I know Directv has DVRs that can do this but not sure about Comcast.
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