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Yea and since my daughter and I both play our PSP, that puts us at 2 mem cards for Vita and the PSP account, which puts us over for anything that'll play on PSP and Vita.
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It was previously reported that you would not be able to web browse while playing a game on the Vita. This article says otherwise -- you can if you pause the game (duh). I guess we're just going to have to wait until the 17th to see what the Vita can and cannot do. Personally, aside from the cost of the larger capacity memory cards, I think the Vita is looking like a great little device.
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^^^ The bells and whistles on it are looking good, that's for sure. My backlog gives me an excuse not to get one day one, but I am intrigued by what's been announced already.

Originally Posted by confidenceman View Post

I'm with these other folks. I don't see how limiting one account to a single mem card could have anything to do with security. Either these proprietary cards are secure or they're not. Having multiple accounts shouldn't make a difference one way or the other. I only see dollar signs in this imposed limitation.

I didn't say allowing only one account per card is addressing a security issue. Having proprietary memory cards for the Vita in the first place was done in part to guard against the hacking that was so prevalent with the PSP and its use of standard memory sticks.

It'd be foolish to think that the entire design of Vita from the start all the way to the decision to make a specialized memory card for it did not in part focus on the absolutely HUGE issue of hacking and jailbreaking.
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New information on Modnation Racers: Roadtrip for Vita. From the Playstation Blog:


ModNation Racers: Road Trip - New Racing Features
+ Posted by Mark Wilson // Community Specialist, San Diego Studios

Every so often, the team at San Diego Studio allow me up from the basement, favorite red stapler in hand, to take a peek at the upcoming week's new features. I've learned to extend my gameplay sessions with coincidental occurrences of

Free highly-caffeinated energy drinks and donuts in the break room.

A sudden rash of car alarms blaring from the parking lot like a jet plane just grazed the roof top.

A bogus announcement over the company P.A. system that Kevin Butler has arrived on campus.

These events usually buy me an additional hour or so with the game. This is a purely selfish endeavor as it really only takes a few minutes with the game to see and understand the brilliant, creative, and subtle, yet powerful features of ModNation Racers: Road Trip. I have yet to (voluntarily) set the game down and not walk away saying, now that was just flat out fun!

Indeed when it comes right down to it that's what ModNation Racers: Road Trip for Vita is a flat out fun kart racing game!

Let me share with you a little of what I experienced

1. Controlled Drifting
An essential element of any great kart racing game is the drift mechanic. In ModNation Racers: Road Trip drifting is no longer solely about building up your boost meter to gain acceleration or as a cache for shielding from weapons or hazards. Though these abilities are still a large asset of drifting in the game, we have made many improvements allowing players more complete control of their racing lines. In a correctly-executed drift your forward momentum is increased while your outward momentum (inertia) can be managed (or decreased). You will find your kart easier to hold a desired line by being able to carve and progressively link drifts together without over- or under-steering into walls, guardrails or flying off the track. This refinement allows veteran racers to rely more on their racing skills as well as allows newbies a greater sense of control.

2. More Forgiving Collisions
Now racers will notice fewer if any dead stops brought on from an opponent's attacks. Racers will also find it easier to get back into the pack if they happen to land a jump a little off kilter or accidentally slam into a wall with the new auto-correct feature built into the racing controls. It can be frustrating in any racing game to have the slightest error result in what seems like an eternity of reverse Y-turn after Y-turn to get you back in the race. ModNation Racers: Road Trip = problem solved.

3. Refined Braking
Braking? What's braking? I don't need no stinking braking!
Sure you can still go all out and avoid your helpful little friend (the brake button) but if you truly desire to master the art of racing in ModNation Racers: Road Trip you will appreciate the ability to finesse your level of control with the a reworked braking system. Players can now use the brakes to adjust steering controls while drifting and this does not stop or cancel the drift.

4. The Best For Last!
These tweaks, changes, and improvements not only improve the experience for all Vita-centric tracks but also insure that all PS3 user-generated tracks played on Vita would enjoy the same enhancements. This means a brand new exciting racing experience on all your favorite PS3 tracks. That ModNation is quite frankly awesome! We hope you'll agree!
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Another hands-on with the UI.

No vids, just pics, and nothing that hasn't been seen before. But very positive words about the ease and performance of the non-XMB interface.
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Why would this device need to web browse while playing a game? Those aren't exactly two things that can be muti-tasked together.

I'm missing something.
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So you can pause when you're stuck, look up a walkthrough online, and then resume playing.
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Originally Posted by TedSeattle View Post

So you can pause when you're stuck, look up a walkthrough online, and then resume playing.

And even though Sony is claiming they're not competing against smartphones and tablets (which really is just a bunch of PR BS), they need easy cross-functionality in order to stay competitive with those devices. Even if the emphasis is on gaming with the Vita, there's no point in adding all those connectivity/social features if you can't exit and re-enter a game easily while using them.
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Again from Playstation Lifestyle


PSLS » Media » News » PlayStation Vita
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Allow Use of Vita As Controller on PS3 Version; New Screenshots Released
12/13/2011 Written by Nick Michetti

The feature-packed PlayStation Vita version of fighter Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has just picked up another one: the ability to use the Vita as “the ultimate controller” for the game’s PlayStation 3 version.

The Vita version of UMVC3 doesn’t just come with PS3 controller functionality, though. The game has local and online multiplayer, Near support, Spectator Mode and Replay functions (which enable players to watch or share matches via Wi-Fi). The Vita version also has exclusive Gold Herald color options. All of these are in addition to everything from the PS3 version and touch control support.

Capcom has released ten new screenshots from the upcoming Vita version of their fighter today. The screenshots showcase some of the Vita version functionality mentioned above:

[screen shots *snipped*]

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be made available on PlayStation Vita on February 15, 2012 to coincide with the release of the handheld’s First Edition bundle. The platform itself launches February 22, 2012.

Playstation Lifestyle also has trailers for 12 of the "launch"/"near launch" titles for the Vita. You can find them here: PlayStation Vita Trailer Blowout: Twelve Trailers From Upcoming Games
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I'm really liking the sniper controls on Golden Abyss (10:30).
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Reason #5,689 why you should wait a while before buying a Vita: Sony has retracted its earlier statement about multiple accounts. Sony clearly can't get its message straight. Unfortunately, my earlier confusion was justified.


Though a Sony representative told Wired.com at a Vita preview event last week in Manhattan that Vita users will be able to switch accounts by swapping out memory cards, the PlayStation maker has now retracted that statement. It told Wired.com in an email on Thursday that Vita owners will indeed have to reset their hardware to factory settings, deleting all of their data, in order to sign in with a different PlayStation Network account.
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The issue itself would've caused gripes but disappeared over time if it were said from the start, but the public back and forth statements is just dumb.

On a related wishy-washy note, Sony is reconsidering the price of Vita memory cards again (they may be lower after all).
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I don't understand the drama. I have one PSN account on the PS3.
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It's not a big deal for me (though I'd like multiple accounts to share with the family), but at minimum you'd expect this to be all sorted out before public statements are made. That's what is ridiculous to me. In the end it will die down like other controversies so the focus can be squarely on good gaming.
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Originally Posted by tgable View Post

I don't understand the drama. I have one PSN account on the PS3.

It's not a deal-breaker by any means. Though it isn't hard to imagine a dozen reasons why even a mainstream consumer would want multiple accounts. The "drama" is that the NA launch is two months away and they still can't get their message straight about basic features and functionality. And this isn't the only one. We still don't have firm prices on mem cards. We still don't know what's happening with prior purchases for PSPs (digital and UMD). No word whatsoever about Sony's big initiative for PS Suite. And so on.

I'm really excited to get my hands on this thing, especially if it does only half of what Sony claims it will (especially with PS3 integration). But they continue to give me bigger and bigger reservations about the unit each time they do something annoying like this in their messaging. It's a big mess IMO. It tells me that there are some major internal divisions at the company, and that the Vita is getting caught in the crossfire.
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Some potentially bad news for Canadians -- the 3G model may be delayed until April or later. I thought it was kind of strange that the 3G provider up here hadn't been announced yet. In retrospect, this could explain why our First Edition Bundle is the WiFi version. I wanted the 3g model (even if I don't initially use the service), because I've read that only the 3G model has the integrated GPS. My anticipation for this device is starting to wane -- Sony needs to get their act together.

Some good news... Golden Abyss is a 10+ hrs game.
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Originally Posted by tgable View Post

I don't understand the drama. I have one PSN account on the PS3.

Not drama per sey. But just another little tick mark in the never-ending list of, "Why does Sony have to be that way."

Sony makes some compelling products, then they do everything they can to frustrate their customers over them.

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Here's the first unboxing video from Hong Kong.

Some semi-good news. The Vita battery is replaceable... but it involves removing some tiny screws and the entire back panel (probably better off just getting the portable recharger).


Here's the online manual.
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I wonder if they'll include the needle nose piers to remove those nails...
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Originally Posted by Mikazaru View Post

Here's the first unboxing video from Hong Kong.

oohhhhh - I'm a sucker for unboxing vids! I wish I spoke the language.

It looks like the charging cable and the USB connector are two different connections? I thought it could be changed via USB - am I seeing this wrong?
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Originally Posted by tgable View Post

I don't understand the drama. I have one PSN account on the PS3.

It's not exactly hard to understand. Take my situation, for instance. I have three accounts. My primary account was first made on my 1000 and is what I typically use for PS3/PSP gaming and where the vast majority of my downloads reside.

But I also have a Euro account so I can patch and buy DLC for my Euro PS3 imports, so I could buy several Euro exclusive PSP releases for my Go, and so I could download Euro demos (They occasionally get a nice demo way before we do and occasionally, they're the one ones that get a demo for a specific game).

Then when I bought my PSP3000 several years ago, I wanted to play my free Echochrome download that came with it. I couldn't recall my original account info and since I hadn't ever brought any PSP downloads up to then, I took the lazy route and just made a new account thinking the only purpose it would likely ever have was just to play a single game. And thanks to Sony, that account now has two more games on it as of a few months ago. This was before the Go was released, before the Mini program was started, and before the Vita was in the pipeline where I became interested for various reasons, like PS3 controller support on the Go, to actually start buying PSP downloads rather than sticking with UMD's exclusively.

So I now have one account with most of my PSP downloads, a Euro account with three games, and an alternate US account with three games.

Not being able to have all three active on the same Vita memory card (And from the sounds of it, not even on the same system short of resetting everything) like I can do on my PS3, is disappointing. It's not a big deal, I suppose (It's only 6 games, three of which I could just rebuy on my main account if I just had to have them on my Vita at the same time as the rest of my games), but it's still disappointing none the less.
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Vita is launching in Japan and already it is selling like gangbusters. The rest of the world waits until early 2012; here is a recent link to twelve Vita game trailers showing off some of the upcoming U.S. titles.
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Just a video going over some features such as web browsing, etc.
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RedSunGamerTV did a live comprehensive stream for the PSV that is now available on youtube.

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Any news or examples of PSP games on the Vita?
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Originally Posted by tgable View Post

Any news or examples of PSP games on the Vita?

For whatever reason, we only know about Japan (where PSP titles were severely limited on Vita). Other regional divisions of Sony have yet to announce what will and won't work on Vita from our PSPs (UMDs, PSOne Classics, PSP downloads, etc). It's truly incomprehensible to me how Sony can still not have a clear answer and the launch a mere two months away.

It also may be a bad portent of what will happen to our PS3 downloads when the next console rolls out...
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Originally Posted by tgable View Post

Any news or examples of PSP games on the Vita?

In part 14 of the RedSunGamerTV youtube link (post #115), they play MGS: Peace Walker. The graphics are pretty good and the right analog stick seems to work well.

In this pic, Persona 3 on the PSP looks washed out compared to the Vita.

Looks like Sony is using Indy to advertise Golden Abyss too.
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Apparently the Vita had a pretty disappointing launch in Japan. I hope the unresponsive touch control/lockup shown in the video on that page can be fixed with a software update by our launch.
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Your article notes that with the advent of online sales, (which reportedly were high), there's no easy way to summarize early sales totals. System availability in stores on day one was expected based on that link from last week - 200K extra units were added to make sure that happened.

Still, it's terrible that the units have some reported problems. Hopefully it all gets cleared up by the time they expand the release worldwide.
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