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Processor Help!

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Hi Forum members,

My dilemma is as follows; I currently own an Outlaw 950 Preamp/Processor
which is dated and does not have the latest sound/movie processing formats nor HDMI. It is in excellent condition and does a fine job with analog music
which I enjoy very much. However, since I will be upgrading and purchasing a new Plasma TV shortly (65" Panny VT30 or the Samsung 7000 or 8000) I am looking/need to upgrade my processor as well.

I am considering going with the Oppo BDP 95 Blu-ray 3D player which would
allow me to have the latest for my movie viewing, and also the analog connections for stereo music listening through my existing Outlaw 950 for processing. This would cost $1,000 for the Oppo BDP 95, and keep my existing outdated but capable processor in place.

OR, I could replace my Outlaw 950 with the new Marantz AV7005 Surround
Processor ($1,500) and then just go with a Panny or Samsung Blu-ray 3D player $200-300 ........ or even the Oppo BDP 93 Blu-ray 3D player for $400. The new Marantz offers a lot for the price including all the latest formats, HDMI 4, and Audessy processing.

I'm just in a quandary as to what would really be the best decision to make
here??? I realize keeping my Outlaw would save me $$$, but am I really making the best longer term big picture decision? Or possibly I am overlooking something I should also be considering?

The expert knowledge, input and thoughts of all would be greatly appreciated. I need direction with this dilemma please.

Thanks much,

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What is going to work "best" for you depends completely on what sources you will be using. To keep things simple, I would suggest buying something like a Denon AVR791 which has all the latest sound decoders and the Anchor Bay VRS video processor. Then you can purchase whatever source floats your boat.
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