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Originally Posted by Gareee View Post

I finally decided to try motorstorm apocalypse, and thenb realized I don;t have what I need to simulview 8(.

We have the ps3 3d glasses, and a mitsubishi 82742 3d tv.

If I get dr hdmi, will we be able to get simulview, or are we SOL?
You can get it with a Dr. HDMI but you're also either going to have to have two pairs of glasses that can switch to LL or RR mode (like the Xpand glasses mentioned above), or you'll have to modify (likely permanently) two pairs of other 3D glasses for LL and RR operation. The PS3 3D glasses can switch to LL and RR but not without the IR signals blasted at it, from the PS3DD (or new 4k XBR TV with the feauter) which you don't have.

If you want to modify PS3 3D glasses (since they're cheap and only $20/pair these days), see the link I posted above. Note that once you modify them like that you're not going to be able to use them for anything else (unless you can employ a switch as I mentioned).
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Sounds like its more bother than its worth. If there were a lot of games that used it, it would probably be worthwhile. Since the PS4 is on th ehorizon, I think simulview is kind of a dead horse for the ps3 now.

Shame, since it sounded quite useful!

Thanks for that info!
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It is useful for a handful of people that want to play 2-player games with someone sitting next to them. If would have gotten more attention if Sony didn't go out of their way to make it beyond difficult (and expensive) to use this feature. It is almost like they wanted it to fail.
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We like to play co op locally, and use split screen all the time. Hopefully with the power of the new consoles, they'll add the capability in a more broadly acceptible manner.

Its a shame, since I can think of a bunch of games we could have had a blast with together!
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I think I mentioned this before: You can fake SimulView with any split/screen game - at least on my set using the 3Da-1 adapter. You just tell the adapter that the game is 3D (even though it isn't) and that it is S-B-S or T-B depending on how the screen is split. This is exactly how t/b and s-b-s images are split, so it will scale each player's perspective to full screen. Just need l-l or r-r compatible glasses.

Not true SimulView, but it works.
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At this point in the game... It seems like the glasses are still the weak link in 3d TVs with Active 3d... At least when it comes to attempting this "SimulView" thing.

I imagine the Sony 3d glasses, when in SimulView, are looking for a 2 bit signal from the TV... 1 bit is the state of the left shutter, 2nd is the state of the right shutter. Is there any way to spoof this signal? If there were a way, you could stick a button cell and an IR emitter blasting the "110011001100" in phase with player 1 and the opposite phase for player 2.

Not sure if anyone has done this. :-)
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Any updates on this?  Any new hardware/software that can be used?  I have a Sharp LC80LE844u and would like to take advantage of this feature.

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