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I went to KDIN's dtv web site and signed up for email notification of thier schedule. Here's the link: http://www.iptv.org/digital/ Just click on the left sidebar for DTV testers.

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Nothing in HD from ABC tonight, Friday. KCRG should be on for the Sat. Movie and Alias and Dragnet on Sunday. Their website us usually current with the HD schedule.

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I appreciate your interest in our advanced service offering. Mediacom is now beginning our first company wide test of HD programming in our Moline, IL system. Mediacom is currently looking at other areas to begin the HD offering. I can not provide much specifics as to what systems will be chosen. Due to the high costs for the equipment to offer HD, additional roll
outs of the service will be slow over the next 2 years. This may change as costs come down. I hope this helps.

Stephen Miles
Video Services Manager
Mediacom Southern Division
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Did anyone see the KDIN HD broadcast Friday? It was supposed to have run from 8am to 5pm. I turned it on about 2:30 and got a black screen. I checked the signal strength on my Hughes E86 for channel 50 and it showed 100%. My Hughes remaps it to 11-1, but I didn't get any picture. I'd like to know if I tuned in too late and KDIN was not broadcasting a picture of if I have some setting incorrect.

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Yes, Friday morning I did a search and found it. The strange thing is, it was remapped on my Mits integrated to channel 1.0?!? I had several audio drop outs, but I think this is due to my cheap antenna.

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My Mits mapped a whole bunch of stuff when IPTV went on the air that day. It was on at 8:45am before I left for work and it was off when I got home at 5:30pm.
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Originally posted by jtuck2
Is anyone in the Des Moines area successfully picking up any distant digital signals (ie: KCRG in Iowa City)?

If so, what is your antenna arrangement and what is the signal quality? What channels are they?

I live 70 miles from Des Moines and Omaha. I can receive WHO-DT, channel 13-1 from Des Moines and WOW-DT, channel 6-1 from Omaha on my Hughes E86 with a signal level of 93-100. I have an outside aerial mounted about 40 feet high with a rotor. The antenna is a Channel Master.
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anyone know if KCCI will be 5.1 for the grammys, or what we should do to get them there.
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haven't heard about the grammys.

What's up with woi, and the game plan? anybody?

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Hello fellow Iowans!

Just thought I would drop in to this thread and say hello. Just got a HD OTA card a couple days ago. I am in Ames and unfortunetly limited to an indoor antenna (in an apartment). Anyway, I'm getting reasonable reception of the Des Moines affiliates with a Silver Sensor right now. Probably start messing around with amps and whatnot to minmize the dropouts.

I've been particularly impressed with KCCI's broadcasts. It seems to be a little less prone to interference than WHO from my location.
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Hey Adam-

Good to see more central Iowans interested in HD. As you can probably tell from my member name, I'm somewhat partial to your town. Too bad the teams aren't doing a little better-As I write this, the clones are getting beat by Colorado.

Hard for me to judge different signals from the stations; I get 100% signal strength on my Hughes E86on all digital stations, but get fairly frequent interference on KCCI and WHO. I live just south of the airport and I'd guess that if you drew a straight line between me and the TV towers in Alleman, the airport would be on the line. That's the only thing I can think of for the sporadic interference.
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Originally posted by mtmdesmoines
What's up with woi, and the game plan? anybody?

They are being jerks, thanks in part to their lawyers. They are not talking to anyone about their plans, not even TITANTV. I guess WOI realized that they've pissed off the public so much by falling thru on their HD SuperBowl plans, that not saying anything will buy some chance minimize the flaming hate mail coming in. They won't respond to email, phone, or fax. They now are not required to be on the air until May 1st. (How the hell they ever got that passed by the FCC when they've HAD their equipment for months is beyond me.) Even then, rumor is that it will be a cheapass copout 480i signal for awhile. I hate bare minimum half-assed stations. ABC ought to demand and require 720p passthru or yank their network affiliation. WOI has had their new equipment since NOVEMBER, but still nothing but dead air. As if that weren't bad enough .......
Also pissing everyone off is WOI's stubborn refusal to let DISH NETWORK carry their station on satellite. They insist that they are being treated unfairly, but most people think its just greed on the stations part. WOI lets Mediacom carry their signal, so WTF?!?! If I were WOI, I would be less worried about manhandling a few extra bucks out of DISH Network, and more worried about what few viewers they actually have left. They are actually losing in the ratings to KPWB now on some nights here in Des Moines. That's just sad considering WB doesn't even have local newscasts.
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If it weren't for a very few programs, WOI would be irrelevant in my opinion. The arrogance over there is amazing. You'd think that a station that has been losing in this market for years would jump at the chance to increase their viewership. Instead, what do they do? They write that ridiculous letter on their Internet site talking about all the great things they have on their station, as a reason why Dish should treat them "fairly." If they had that damn much going for them, they wouldn't be losing in this market.

I heard that they think Directv will carry them, so I would imagine they will just wait for that to happen, thinking that will pressure Dish. I wouldn't look for WOI on Dish until summer. I could be wrong. By that time, we will all be so used to not watching them that it will be a non-event.

They really amaze me.
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I AGREE 100% about all the above about WOI!!!

But, when I say "what's up with WOI, and the game plan?"

I mean, are we e-mailing their advertisers and boycotting them?

Are we just e-mailing WOI individually and complaining?

Or, are we all going to meet on Westtown parkway and EGG their building and break pumkins in their parking lot, next Saturday night

I think the WHOLE idea should be focussed on HDTV broadcasts, not the Dish thing.

Just a thought

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WOI lets Mediacom carry their signal, so WTF?!?!

You hit it right on the head! Politic's. Either Mediacom or WOI is up the others A**!

But really, isnt the whole city of des moines ran this way? (most corrupt city i've ever lived in)
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From Karen Schaeffer ...
Unfortunately, I am the last one to know when we are testing the
signal. As with this instance, I received notice the day before the
test. I promise anytime I have advance notice I will notify everyone on
the list with the information. Your are correct in your assumption
that we will be on May '03. I haven't heard if we will only be transmitting
digitally during prime time or if we will be transmitting 24/7. Please
keep watching; I enjoy hearing from the list participants!
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Does anyone know when ESPN will have their High Def channel going? I also would like to know where the lease expensive place is to buy the oval dish that is needed for Directv's High Definition programming.
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The latest from Echostar is that they are no where near an agreement with WOI. I heard that the station manager at WOI has Directv service and thinks that they will be able to reach an agreement, forcing Dish's hand. Isn't it great to be pawns in his little game?
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ESPN is to air in HD this April, but who will carry it? Hopefully Directv!!! You also need a Directv HD receiver.

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From Karen Schaeffer ...
KDIN, an Iowa Public Television station located in Alleman, will be testing its digital signal Wednesday, February 19, 2003 on channel 50 from 5:00AM to about 12:30AM. Please let me know what you think by e-mailing me at karen.schaeffer@iptv.org.
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woohoo! IPTV test!
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Bummer I will be out of town
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The 19th is a work day, but I'll probably tune in before work if for no other reason than making sure my box recognizes the station.
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Well, did anyone chatch the IPTV test? Looked very nice. This was my first time seeing PBS HD.

Did they show anything except state fair footage? I can only watch that for so long!
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Didn't see anything but state fair stuff, but I only had it on occasionally during prime time.

I do agree, there is only so much state fair parade highlights with pretty poor commentation that I can take.

Still it did look nice, I just wondered why they didn't upconvert their normal schedule. I was looking forward to seeing at least an upconverted THIS OLD HOUSE. Oh well.

Enjoy the CSI tonight.
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Spoke with the WOI-TV Chief Engineer today. He said that WOI-DT will NOT be up until MAY at the earliest. HD 720p will NOT be up until FALL. DISH Network Local carriage will NOT be up until at least SUMMER. They are holding out for when DirecTV starts covering Des Moines locals, thinking that they will have more leverage.
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F' WOI. I'm not watching them til MNF starts up again.
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Big to WOI. They will be loosing my viewing until they get thier act together.
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Adam_H, send an email to mporter@woitv.com, the station manager and let him know how you feel.
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Grammys were pretty awesome last night. At least some TV stations in Des Moines have their act together. Does anyone know if KCCI was passing the 5.1 Dolby Digital sound too? Or was it 2.0?
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