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Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 decaying w/ age?!

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I used forum search but didn't find anything similar to my problem, so here goes:
What causes the darkening pictures of old video equipment over time. I have an old vcr that I hadn't used in a looong while and I put a tape in it and the picture was very dark with no detail in the dark areas and the color was grainy and washed out. I put the same tape in a new Vcr/Dvd combo unit that I just bought and the picture looked good. Both vcr's were attached to the SAME INPUT on the tv. I hooked both vcr's to all the tv's in my house - same deal - "new vcr" good, "old vcr" terrible picture. So somehow something in the circuitry of the old vcr decayed over time. Is it because I didn't use it frequently enough? Is this related to the "gamma" part of the equipment?
I also hooked up my old Nintendo 64 that I bought in 1997. When I hooked it up to the crt tv, same situation, slightly duller, grainier colors than I remembered, and a dark image with no detail in the dark areas. It's as if someone turned the contrast way up then turned the brightness way down. I tried my playstation 1 purchased in 1997 and not played in over 7 years - same situation, terrible looking dark image.
I hooked my new Xbox 360 to ALL THE SAME TV'S using the SAME COMPOSITE inputs and it has a perfect picture. No horrible darkening or grainy colors . There are no gamma or brightness controls on the old Playstation or Nintendo or old Vcr SO IT'S NOT MY SETTINGS. What could be causing this? Is there some circuit that is notorious for going bad on old video equipment. Can I replace the bad parts on my old equipment?
Has anyone noticed this effect on their old game systems? I know all about emulators for old games but I like playing on the real thing.
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Never noticed this effect on any of my consoles dating back to the 1970's.

If it's not your imagination, I presume you've had some capacitors that have dried out. Common problem on a few systems such as Game Gears and Turbo Duos, but which can potentially affect any system.

It's fully repairable.
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Interesting that you mention drying out. I live in a hot climate so my home is heavily air conditioned all summer long which drys the air out a lot. And of course winter air is very dry. It's definitely not my imagination thou...I just had Resident Evil2 in the PS1 and the first room that you enter (the gunshop) is almost totally dark. No detail is visible even with the brightness on high on my tv's. I remember being able to see lot's of detail in that room like it shows in the pictures in my strategy guide. It sucks that this has occurred to ALL my old consoles since I always babied them. They all look brand new.
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I meant the exteriors of my consoles are brand new looking!
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