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Lg 47lv4400

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Just saw this at Costco but haven't seen it anywhere else. The model number would indicate that it is either an old model from last year (seems unlikely) or something rebranded as a costco model.

Can anyone share any info on this model? Looks intriguing to me...

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The model is of interest to me also. Sears is also selling it, but only via the Internet to be delivered to Sears for pickup about a week later. I would also guess it to be new since I can find no other history of it, has LED lighting, and the smaller external dimensions of the newer, more expensive models.
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I now own this TV that I purchased from Sears. It is exactly what I was looking for: A basic 47" TV without all the extras that are standard on TiVo and a number of other external components that one is likely to add anyway. I also wanted LED back lighting, the external dimensions of a 46" TV, and a light weight ... all at a price below other LG models. For some the TV could be a problem since the TV only has one component input that is shared with the composite input, so both cannot be used as a permanent connection. Picture quality is great, using both the component and HDMI connections. Sound out the TV speakers is poor, but when connected to an external receiver via the digital optical output, the sound is also as good as can be expected. The Owner's Manual and Specs available at the LG website contain an accurate description of the TV.
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Just saw this TV will be $700 at walmart on nov 5th. Thoughts? May pick this up to replace my current 46" sony ex500
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Originally Posted by htskinner View Post

Just saw this TV will be $700 at walmart on nov 5th. Thoughts? May pick this up to replace my current 46" sony ex500

I'm looking for something similar in size for when my basement finishing project is done. You might want to also check out the online deals right now on the Panasonic 50" ST30. Depending on where you buy it, you can get it for between $700-800 with a free Blu-ray player (and mail in for Avatar 3D). Of course, it's plasma so if you don't want plasma, disregard. Since I don't need mine for another month, at least, I'll probably just hold off since prices will continue to drop.
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This tv is an amazon deal of the day at 2p central..may want to see what price they have
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Ya i can't find any info out on it so i'll probably just stick with what I got i guess.. =(
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I saw this at Best Buy and didn't think the picture was on the same level as the other LG's on the floor. Could've been placement, settings, etc.

Screen reflected overhead lights more, the build seemed "cheaper."
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Also curious about this model, and how it looks with it's much lower contrast ratio compared to other LEDs.
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This TV is very low end. I almost opened the box until I read the manual online. Best Buy doesn't give correct specs on this model.

It only has 1 shared component/composite input. Not 1 separate component and 1 separate composite. I need the composite for my digital camera and VCR. I need 2 components or at least 1 (using a component video switcher) for my Universal SACD/DVD-A DVD Player and DVD Recorder.

That's the main reason I took it back but also found out that there is no local dimming on this display. Without local dimming, this display will have bad clouding and brightness uniformity problems. On my 47LW5600, I can turn off local dimming and the screen is much much brighter with clouding. I don't think I could handle performance that bad. In that case, you would be better off with a CCFL display that would have no clouding or brightness uniformity problems as the LK500 series.
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I grabbed a few of these for a sports bar type install I am doing. I am using Control4 for the automation. I am so frustrated that LG didn't allow for Discrete power and input codes.
LG support couldn't help me at all. It doesn't make any sense to me why a TV manufacturer these days wouldn't include support for discrete IR codes !!
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It work well, but only for a month. After this month of working, it burn down. No light, no power, nothing. LG have a lot of return on that model and they aware of it. I spoke to the LG french and english customer services department (call center is in Toronto for Canada) and they have different explenation on return policies. I also spoke to a couple of saleman at Future Shop and they have a lot of return.

Really disappointed.
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