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Anyone else experiencing this problem? I really don't notice much lag if any at all in regular 2D mode but when I started playing in 3D, the lag got terrible, like unplayable. Initially I was playing Black Ops in 3D and thought it could just be the game since it wasn't designed for 3D, but then I tried the Killzone 3 Demo in 3D (which is SICK by the way). The 3D effect and gameplay were impressive but the lag was just terrible. Even in the menu screen, pressing the down arrow to select a "yes" or "no" option there is an extremely noticeable lag. Since I notice a lot of artifacts when it comes to video, I even let my girlfriend give it a try and she completely agreed. I guess really I'm trying to determine whether the issue lies within my DLP or the PS3? Anyone else experience any problems like this? It's really unfortunate because the 3D itself is quite amazing. I have all of the video processing features turned off in the TV, so that couldn't be causing the lag. Also, the PS3 is outputting the native resolution of the TV which is 1080p so that can't this issue either. Tried the "game" mode on my TV (which is supposed to speed up the processing, not to mention makes the colors look like garbage), it helped little if any.

Any help appreciated.