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The crosstalk you're seeing is almost certainly due to the glasses. Try a different brand and you might get better results.

When I first got my 3D DLP projector and glasses, I often wore the glasses tilted downward a bit because they rest on my head more comfortably that way. Saw no crosstalk. Then I got a high gain screen which doubled the brightness, and I began to see occasional crosstalk on bright objects. However, once I put the glasses on straight and wore them like I was supposed to, crosstalk disappeared. It was a good lesson that shutter glasses aren't foolproof.
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Just an observation as someone that watches tons of 3D professionally about the cutscenes, if you close one eye to check L and R eyes, there is something going on with one eye that I think is a fringing artefact from how the cutscenes are encoded for 3D.
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Resurrecting this thread.

Just got my Samsung 67A750 DLP-LED 3D capable a couple of months ago and DL'ed this game from my PS+ Instant Game Collection.

Wow! Looks great for a console game. Right now my ultimate 3D gaming experience has been the lastest Tomb Raider game on the PC.

Hopefully the old gripes about people flaunting their DLP's prowness at projecting 3D with minimal crosstalk is no longer a hot button issue. How are the latest 3D TVs at dealing with ghosting now? Is it no longer an issue?
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