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CRT Projection and 72/75Hz

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Hello guys,

how many people are using 72/75 Hz on their CRT Projection systems?

what experiences do you guys have with the different HDMI solutions

out there? (Moome, HD Fury , ...)

ad any problems with syncing to the higher bandwidths?

I do have a friend that just got the latest HDMI card for a Barco 1209s
and he's got a lot of problems with it concerning 72/75 Hz.

any insights appreciated

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I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I have a NEC XG-750 (75 KHz max. scanrate). I have issues related to sync (banding) on straight 1080p60 from HDfury2, but I discovered that if I run it through my video processor to combine the horizontal and vertical syncs to composite sync, the problems go away and it looks perfectly fine.
Running 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz from a PC's VGA output did not cause the same issue and I was able to use the separate sync just fine that way.
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Our Barco modifications really improve 3d response according to our customers.

The old 800 MHZ opamps used in Barco Cine9 / 909 is replaced with a much more modern faster 2.4 GHZ chip in the video chain that reduces the ghost effect.

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