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4 pair speaker selector for Zone 2 adequate?

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Hi everyone,

I am building a home theater in which I am using the Onkyo TX-NR609 as my main receiver. I will have a 5.1 system in the main theater room, and I have four other rooms (outdoor covered patio, nook, dining room, and loft) that I would like to power through the Zone 2 output of the Onkyo via a Niles speaker selector.

My questions are:

1) Will the Onkyo be able to handle this load with the Niles speaker selector or is it too much for the Onkyo?

2) Will the volumes of the 4 rooms connected to the Niles speaker selector be adequate for mostly background music? I realize I can wait and see according to my taste, but I figured many of you may have already tried such a system and can speak on experience.

3) If you are recommending I NOT go with this above system, what do you propose instead to power these four rooms? An additional amplifier between the Onkyo and the Niles? A couple of Sonos ZP-120's (one for two rooms each)? I mention Sonos because I am going to have one ZP-90 connected to the Onkyo but I don't need too many unique Sonos zones, so I'd like to keep it simple if possible (why I proposed the initial plan).

Any thoughtful comments appreciated, thanks!
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Not likely no ... 1-2 extra rooms, yes ... more than that you really need to add an additional amp via the Zone 2 preouts.
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Thanks -- just curious if you could be more specific. Is your reason that I won't get enough volume out of the system? Or is it too much of a load on the Onkyo receiver and your concern is that? Something else? Thanks.
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Too much load would equate to poor volume.
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Ok. So I have a HK3490 to drive 4 sets of speakers around the house. Living, Dining, Den, and Master.

Shouldn't I get a speaker selector? If so, which one of these would be most appropriate?


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For your application, the 1st one is all you need.
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